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Dear every one , I just want to ask any opinion regarding the rule of releasing Oman work visa ? I just currious ! My company sent our authenticated medical in Ministry of health Oman  we are about 20 applicants was process same date all together for medical attestation. After 3 weeks 10 of us was visa released on 04-26 -2016 .after 2 weeks again 2 has arrived work visa again but the visa released date was 21-04 2016. How is is possible that the earliest released date of visa came last ... And the visa released on 26-04 was came out realier than the visa released date 21-04 2016.any one can give as clarification as still 8of us pending at the moment... Is there chance that supposedly visa will release all together infact  all the document process with same date.thank you.

Hi ramilcartagena2015,

While your post is not very clear, I gather that your query is regarding the employment visa issuing delays.

Well, it is very common for companies to get their employment visas delayed.

As has been written often in the forum, the reason for these delays are one too many.

Suggest you do a site search on the subject and get all the information that you would require to know the reasons.

Thank you sir I mean 20 of us was process med authentication and atested same date and time . but all 20 visas was not release same day. The first  10 visa was release 25-04 - 16 stated on visa issue date  and was came out on 26 -04 2016 . after 2 weeks two visa again was released but the visa issue date in the visa is 21 - 04 - 2016 and came out 05-05-16 . why is it the release of the visa was not follow according to the visa issue date stated on the visa paper it self. And 8 visa still not release in fact all the 20 applicant has been process same day and were expecting  to be  release all together in same day.

Can you please help me my name mohammad shoaib and i want to come in oman as a (HTV) driver. Actually i was come in visit visa one year ago but now come on work visa. Please tell me how can do all this?

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