Marriage with Girl on visit or omrah.

Salam Alaikum,

My name is Muhammad idris, i want to get married with a Russian Muslim girl living in Russia.
The girl's Father is passed away several years ago and her mother is alive. she has no other close relative. We both are agree with Each other to get married.
  She lives in Russia, how it is possible to invite her in to Saudi Arabia and to perform Nikah here.
is it Possible if she will come on Omrah with a group? or am i able to invite her on Visit?
Please guide me.

Thanks and Regards.

Muhammad Idris.

Hello Muhammad Idris and welcome to :cheers:

I invite you to search the Formalities and procedures in Saudi Arabia forum for threads about marriage to gather infos about query.

Wish you all the best :top:


Discussed many times.

You can marry for the sake of marriage but it will not be a legal marriage aka no documentation will be provided.

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