I'll be moving to NIngbo sometime soon for work purposes - education.  Anyone out there who can give me the inside story on Ningbo?  I enjoy running (sometimes, competitively), the arts, play guitar, photography.  I'm learning to draw and I want to learn Chinese.  I enjoy meeting new people from around the world ...

I've traveled to Beijing and most of the cities within 3 hours of Shanghai, and Ningbo is my favorite city in China so far... It's a big city so it has everything you could want, but not so big that its overwhelming or difficult to travel. It also has some decent expat areas and there are places to get some good international food and find plenty of people that can speak English..

Thanks Ryan :)

I am a ningbo local spent my fist 18 years in this city. Not a big city like shanghai. Shanghai is not different from any other international city in the world. Ningbo is still very "Chinese". So, it would be a little difficult to find Western Convenience. Laowaitan(老外滩) is the place you can find a lot of foreigners, bars and night life... Cost of living is lower than Shanghai but still high relative to other city in China. Air quality is getting worse these years but still acceptable for me, not that bad as northern China not that good as Canton or HongKong. Some great scenery in rural area around the city. You can find information about that online. Anyway, it is still a very good place. Welcome to Ningbo.


I live in Ningbo and originally from Indonesia, please get in touch if you are in Ningbo.


Thanks for the info.  It's always good to learn from a local person who knows the city.  I'm really looking forward to it ... and the fact that it's still more Chinese may present some challenges, but I'm pleased to be in a city that is like that ... not just cosmopolitan.

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Nice to hear from you Indah.

I'll get in touch once I arrive and have settled a little.  **

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Thanks ... all useful.  And yes ... I'm browsing the internet to see what I can find.

Hi starflip,

Welcome to Ningbo. I am a native and studying abroad in America now. I am going back this Sep and looking forward to meeting some interesting people and learn more new stuff, like guitar. I know everything about the city. haha :D . If you need some information, please feel free to ask.

Thanks.  When you return, it would be good to meet up for a chat!

I play guitar ... but I do not read music.  I taught myself. 

Be good to learn some of the secrets of the city from a real local :)

Stay in touch.

Hi Indah

Well .. here I am at last in Ningbo.  I moved into an apartment last week and I am beginning to settle.  I've been to Tianyi Square and Laowaitan ... but it would be nice to find more local spots where I can meet interesting people.  Please get in touch if you are interested in chatting/meeting.


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