try to apply for family visa

Dear mates,

i m trying to bring my wife here before ramdan start.

I have attested degree from my country and registered here in saudi council engineer too

my profession is mechanical engineer.

my marriage certi is currently under process from stamping saudi embassy in my country.

what else i need to submit?

and it is true that during ramdan it is hard to get visa stamped ??

Wonder why not a single response?

Hi Jaimin100 >

Your thread is still new, a litle more patience please. :)

You may want to have a look at the other threads about visas here : … rabia.html , it might help you.

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No objection on family visa all the year except visit visa, although if you remember last year, Govt. announced that they will allow to get visit visa even in the hajj period.

For your info.....

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