Foreigner/Thai Street Fights in Thailand

Recent episode with three foreigners hurt on the ground after a fist fight with three Thai tells we "guests in the nation" what not to do.   The absolute rule is NEVER GET IN A FIGHT WITH A THAI.  There are no reasons to do so except to protect your life, and situations are seldom like that.  Drunk or drinking Thai men have their personal pride, their "face" enlarged and will fight quickly to defend it.
Rule is no matter what a tough guy you are at home, even if you have a shaved head and sweaty muscles popping out of your tank top shirt, if you are alone, you will be fighting THREE Thai;  if you have three foreigners, you three will be fighting at least six Thai.

And the fighting style will be nasty from the Thai who has been street fighting since he was five.  Elbow to chin or knee to groin style!

Best to defuse fast by doing whay, smiling, and saying COW TAUGHT, CUP, and walking away.  Drunken Thai men, sitting on a street cafe, want The Foreigner to drink with them........ NO, no, no.  Just rub your belly, make a sick face, do a whay, and say COW TAUGHT, CUP and Smile, even laugh.  All at the table will laugh in commiseration and take another gulp from their bottles as you walk away.

Be nice and save your face--the real one and the prideful one.

Always good advice regarding violent episodes, the Author is teaching  you to say, (sorry)  ( cow taught cup ) or could be Kotoordkhap (sorry), being a rejection on the offer or you could say:

miaow Khap/kup - which means No thanks - words are not spelled correctly but phonetically they are good pending on the side of the pond you are from.

All the same its good advice.

the belly rubbing should work too, my favourite.

Im uncertain if the recent foreigners your referring to are the ones (tow pensioners and there 55 year old son  that were attached in hua hin but they did not have a chance to do anything ether to provoke or defuse the the situation as they were set upon from behind then beaten on the ground and then the lady was kicked in the head when she tried to get up the only time i have seen the falang getting a betting theirs 10 to 1 in the thai favor and in the shity places like bkk, Phuket,pattaya

WHY NOT?? I have only been involved seriously in 1 physical altercation; he ended up running away (to live another day). It all depends on the circumstances and as all ex-pats know, Thais are real opportunists so it's a numbers thing + they have no scruples. I've also been invited into secluded areas with 10 Thai (mafia) males waiting for a physical confrontation - 10 years in security allows you to observe the background and not tunnel vision in these circumstances, so handle them. I've been drugged and all the horror stories of Patong (they're true) it is the arse hole of the world. Never go to ground, oh I'm 6'5" and 115Kg which makes a difference. Unsavoury farang work with Thai mafia, be warned.
Be careful out there people (as it's acceptable) although normal Thais are lovely peaceful people, not like the scum of Phuket, Pataya & BKK correct.
AFM Anything For Money

Good advice sir.

in 30 years thailand I never had any problems with Thai's - foreigner are the troublemakers - stay away from the bad tourist places and all will be fine - good guys in - bad guy out - that simple

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