in need of help to settle down in Brisbane

Hi Everyone !

I am Caroline, French, 29, married to an Australian. We have a lovely daughter 5 months old. We come from Victoria and we would like to settle down in Brisbane to see how life is over there!
We are looking for a short term accommodation to let us time to find the place we want to live.
We still don't know which suburb we would like to stay, so can you please advice us on some good ones! If possible, not too far from the coast where there is some nice walks to do. We are after a house/unit between 250/300$. And of course, not too far from places to find a job.

Thanks in advance for your help!
I look forward to hear from you!


Hi Caroline,

How far out from the city would you want to be?

Jodie :)

Hi Jodie,
I don't know, I would say 1 to 1and half hours! As long as the suburb is near the coast and there is all the shop you need! What's for sure it's we don't want to be right in the middle of brisbane!

ha All the shops you need? If you're in Melbourne, stay there for those ;)

Seriously though, there's:

The Redlands Bay area (coast); about 30-45 min drive from Brisbane and inbetween the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

There's the Gold Coast itself. Oh, so do you want big, popular beaches or small, quiet beaches? Redlands (Cleveland is one of the main, but not only, towns there) is the first one; Gold Coast is the second one.

North of Brisbane I think there is the Redcliffe and surrounds area; (about 30 mins from the city, give or take), quiet coastline, nice spot; Nudgee and the Bribie Island area.

Drive further north and there's the beautiful Sunshine Coast (Noosa, Mooloolaba etc). Much more quiet than the bustling Gold Coast.

This is probably not much help, but hopefully a bit of a start. :)

Thanks! I'll have a look at the places you said !

No worries. :)

There are a many other nice suburbs, but since you mentioned the coast specifically, I figured they'd be good starting points for you. :)

Hi Caroline, our family live in Brisbane and just love the warn sunjy weather. However, we are quite close to the city. In Brisbane its depends which coast you are referring to either up the coast (Bribie Island, Coulandra, Mooloolaba, Noosa) or down the coast (Wynnum, Cleveland, Coomera, Surfers Paradise). However, most of these area are mostly consentrating in tourism industry. It might be hard to find a job if you are not in the tourism industry.
If you like you can private message me and contact me.
Good luck with the move though.

Hi Mum4life!
Thanks aswell for your answer!
We think we will book an airbnb accommodation around Brisbane, the time to find something!
I must have not explained correctly myself, when I was saying for the coast, I was referring to the coast near Brisbane like wellington point, cleveland, redlandbay or even around redcliffe...
I don't know if we can call that a you know it? If yes, is it not too bad ? in term of accomodation, work, people living there?!
I wish we could leave around the gold coast or sunshine coast but it's just tooooooo expensive!!! you need to work in the mine to live there!

In any case you also have to consider one thing, the rather bad quality of the train services from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, nothing like a TGV! It stops in the middle of nowhere, it is a snail train.
Redcliffe is not too far from Brisbane and it is a beautiful place. And for the weekends, it is not very far from the Sunshine Coast

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