In retrospect, would you move again to Thailand?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in Thailand, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in Thailand so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


If I had a chance to do it all over again, I wouldn't had bought a condo, instead I would had rented.  Then I would also have a chance to change neighborhoods if I wanted. I would test it out first maybe 6 months or a year, instead of packing up & moving here thinking that I will Love it so much. We enjoy that are money goes so far & that we can afford to travel. Outside the city the Thai people are very kind & you feel safe around them even if you don't speak a lot of Thai.

I am now living and working in Thailand for 7 years and i do not regret one day my decision.
Do i miss my home country (Netherlands) NO!, but to go back once a year for a holiday and to meet family and friends YES!
The differences between Thailand and The Netherlands are huge. But overall i prefer to live here, with not so many rules, the tropic climate, the great restaurants and of course the very friendly people.

YES i move here again, Only sad i didn't go to Thailand on a trip before 2010, If i have, I move here before i am sure of that.
Move here 2 month and 7 days after my only trip here.

Never being back home, And only go home one more time in my life (i hope).
Someday my Thai wife like to see my home country.

Today with skype, It is very easy to talk to family back home.

I love the Thai easy going, Easy life, Thai relax approach to life in general.
Thai kindness, Open mind, open heart.
I love Thai / Asian food, the weather here is good for my body, Little to cold in Dec / Jan for me, But that okay.

Simply put, Thailand is a experiment in extremes.  At times, Thais can seem friendly, warm-hearted and generous.  At other times, you can really feel the xenophobia, bigotry and animosity some Thais have for 'Farangs' - (and you're able to recognize that the latter attitude is encouraged institutionally!)  I would probably move here again- mostly because it is about the only place on Earth that has decent infrastructure and is affordable for me. Like most Western males, I relish the ultimate, inexhaustable supply of "eye-candy.   I am at peace living here now- only because I have learned to Love my solitude.

YES YES YES!!! I will come to Thailand again!
-I will run away earlier from my violent husband and come to Thailand.
-I will not spend a lot of money, I will keep my money until I find my actual husband.
-Hope I will find my actual husband earlier too!!!!!
-I loose my time 25 years with a sick and violent man...
-Now I am in paradise with a nice Thai Esan husband, we are married for 9 years now
-Even I am very sad that it is so difficult to get the Thai nationality, I dont regret!!!!!!
-My dream is to be Thai, have Thai ID, Thai passport!!!!
-I dont have any family anymore in Europe, Nothing!!!!!
-All I have is my husband, my love and my home in Sisaket
-I am 54 and I want to die in love and quietly in Thailand
-20 years of Thailand, good things, bad things, like everywhere...
-10 years without go out and dont regret it!
-Our love is stronger than all the problems, and sometimes I understand Thais...When I see very old farrangs with very young Thais girls....And so much more....
-I think that farrang men have to change their way of thinking about here, Thailand is not a sex supermarket or a shop that sell young wife!!!


I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand with my Thai wife of 17 years in 2012.  First, I do not regret the move for a minute.  There are definitely things I would have done differently now that I have 20-20 hindsight but overall I live each day quite satisfied with the choice we made.  I am a retired US military officer who also retired from a second, shorter 16-year career to make the move after my youngest child graduated from college.  That was the plan for several years before the actual move and we followed through on it.

There was a lot of time spent online and doing research on areas of Thailand.  Originally we had planned to live on Koh Chang but the ability to reliably secure a Chanote title to our invested property there steered me away to recoup what I could and look elsewhere.  If I cannot enjoy the sea close up in a quiet peaceful area then I will have mountains and Chiang Mai fit the bill perfectly.  The geographic area is interesting to explore and the people and culture are always a joy to experience and interact with.  After four years, I consider Chiang Mai my home.

Of course there are times when I miss my children and grandchildren and the extended family but the lifestyle I chose and accepted early in life always kept me from those spiritually closest to me for long periods.  I was lucky enough to find a woman who happens to be Thai, that shares many of my values and views on what life is about (my second took me two times to get it right, I guess).  We will start the second phase of our life in Thailand by traveling a little more to see those who mean the most to us within the next year or so.  That will mean more travel within and outside Thailand as our time and financial resources permit.  There are compromises in any choice of where we live, I suppose but travel and movement is in our blood anyway.

Given the choice to make, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  The quality of life here in Chiang Mai rivals many other places in the world while providing a range and diversity of cultural experiences (I also happen to enjoy motorcycle riding / touring and mountains are a biker's heaven, as anyone who rides knows).  The standard of living is most definitely acceptable, even at my meager military pension which allows me to live what would locally probably be considered solid middle-class

We work at staying physically active and curious about our surroundings.  I think that is one of the most important things to cultivate as we age and the culture in Thailand and more specifically Chiang Mai, makes that easy.  Overall, Thais are more health conscious than some other cultures I think, and that helps us to make the most of our time and years ahead.

I guess the above is wordy and maybe too much information but I hope I answered the question adequately to help others that are considering what comes next in their lives.

Absolutely, yes!

As a expatriate, yes
As not a expatriate, no

After the 1st experience as a expatriate, I missed to live in Thailand alot.
However, 2nd living as a local employee is quite different. Most of all, I should be more fluent in Thai and it is not easy task to achieve.

Looking back on my Thai experience is like so many others say a nightmare. Corruption lies deceit theft is what you have to put up with day after day.

The roads are are a killing zone and the worst in the world (if you consider the top rated country is at war) Thailand is no1 for road kill, driving standards are that of idiots who do not respect other peoples lives.

The police (BIB) also hold the record for the worst in the world, lazy corrupt inept who with happily forge evidence against Farangs (what they call us) for a few bath and even kill for £60. as case now on. Lawyers are just the same corrupt to their rotten core as BBC reporter Jonathon Head and Ian are finding out right now in Phuket.

Racialism is rife right up to government level, there is a Thai price and a Farang price that can be 10x more. Thai goes to a shop to buy say a dress 200bath, she goes with a Farang husband and its 500bath or more. National parks 20 bath for Thai's 400 for Farangs dual pricing is rife anything to get their hands on your money goes here even killing people, Just check out the Pattaya's flying club, no aircraft involved, just Farangs jumping from condominiums day after day. Or being pushed over by bargirls boyfriends.

Thai women there are many good honest girls I have one sat next to me now, but give the girls a miss in the bars or you end up either dead or penniless.

Human rights and Freedom of speech are non existent, Tuu in control now must be from the same mold as Hitler.

Thailand used to be great now just a cesspit of corruption and deception, glad I made the move out of the stinking place Never Again

Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos a different story and you get treated well there but again careful.

I wish I could say different about Thailand as I once loved the place more that home, now i think and know by how much we lost to corrupt people it is not worth the pain. Rubbish everywhere including poo being put straight into the sea on beaches that tourists swim and bath on.

Would I go back answer NEVER even to visit family its had its day soon be become North Korea 2

I don't agree.  Sure, Thailand has it's challenges- but it also has some positives as well.  Yes, the roads are dangerous.  Yes, the dual-pricing and inflated prices for non-Thais is ignorant.  Yes, there is an element of 'Farangs are walking ATM's.'  However most Thais are very tolerant, polite and non-judgemental.  The cost of living can be an absolute bargain and the food is healthy and delicious.    To say that Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are better dissolves all credibility.

I see you opt to not comment on the corruption that is rampant right from the top, or the bib and lawyers like what is going on in Phucket right now. but in context 60 million thais are fine many of which I feel so sorry for, its the others who run the country now on its knees as they take all the money leaving the others to suffer. try not having a wash or shower for 3 days (happens every week or so) due to no water or electric. Its all bangkok and nothing outside, buy submarines you do not need from the chinese, yet fail to create water storage or police the roads. Songkran is coming up how many people will die that week? New year just gone it was 442 over the week and that does not count the ones who died after the accident in hospital. Road kill in Thailand is about 30+ aday every day.

Food even Thais are getting scared of what is used to grow it and healthy it is no longer as the conditions its cooked in would not pass a health check in most 3rd world countries. look around when you are there and its litter everywhere just like some kitchens I have seen at restaurants and had to leave. Eat on the streets and you are asking to be ill as no hygiene.

To say that Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are better dissolves all credibility

You have not traveled then they speak English more that thais do and no double pricing, Cambodians are so friendly and helpful and can be trusted. This was a country that went through hell but now is 10 times better than Thailand as it has learned from its mistakes as we all do except thailand never a war to fight as cannot yet kill and jail just so the rich can get richer. Old men like Prem have killed the country along with the coups every 3 years or so.

Thailand is finished as a tourist destination 2017 (even though TAT will claim more visitors), it will see the last of the Chinese and maybe Russians as the rest of us say no to your corruption and lack of human rights, As for Free speech try putting a comment on Trip advisor about a bad hotel or meal you had and then go back to Thailand the next year your get arrested under the computer crimes act a draconian law designed to shut up Thais but used on Farangs to make money.

However most Thais are very tolerant, polite and non-judgemental

My how did you come to think that? they are racist to the point its so funny to see them blame us for everything down to the fact the government downgrades education so the elites can keep control. Walk down any sol and all your hear is Farang Farang Farang from the kids and grown ups.

As I said not all thais are bad far from it but their education and what they believe is bad an insult to the country. Its all Face face Face upset a thai by telling him the truth and he will lie lie lie and with his friends kill, but it needs 4 0r 5 to do that.

Thailand today is a land of scammers no smiles and a place to avoid at all costs, the Chinese are now the no 1 visitors and judging by there treatment that will not last long, so yet another coup must me being planned.

Avoid the place at all costs go to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia much better and a lot safer.

Sorry to say this as so loved the country ONCE

Supposing that all you've just stated about Thailand happens to be true, then why is there a horde of both English speaking Malaysians & Singaporeans seeking employment in Bangkok, and nearby provinces right now?

Granted, Thailand is definitely changing, as a result of the usual American, vis-a-vis British influences. But make no mistake about it, the Thais are a resourceful lot of people, with a profoundly "keen" sense of solidarity among themselves. That's considerably better odds for success, than any other SE Asian country, right now, including Singapore.

usual American, vis-a-vis British influences

please tell how many coups have we had in the USA and UK in the last 200 years, now how many have they had in Thailand since the 1940's and that is the problem. (20)/

Malaysians & Singaporeans seeking employment not a chance in hell as jobs for Thais only there my friend.

I have over 1000 Thai friends across the country and they all say to me the same life is hell right now for them with wages at B300 a day £7 yet a cup of coffee in Bangkok runs £3.00

Thais are a resourceful

yes they are and have to be to suffer what is going on, I will say they are very talented but suppressed so cannot reach the level they should be at now?

You said better odds for success, than any other SE Asian country, right now, including Singapore.

You thinking this is just propaganda you are at the bottom now and falling even further behind, stop dreaming and start living.


Red V Yellow the later in minority but seized power using the greens

stop bullsh?????? and learn to tell the truth

most Thais are very tolerant, polite and non-judgemental

I agreed on this for 20 years. Generousity to others was the main reason I decided to move in Bangkok.

Last 2 years, I have found that it was not generousity but 'I don't care.'

Seems to me that you should exercise your prerogative of going back to your country of origin. Failing that, be a good guest in Thailand!

Jim for us moving back to the UK was the answer, even my wife who is Thai will never go back again. Being as you call it a Good Guest just gets you ripped off as the system there is stacked against the Farangs and if you are there you know this.

(1) you cannot buy a house as you cannot buy land as 51% has to be owned by Thais, in a condo block its the same.
(2) you cannot work unless you set up a company and employ locals but again 51% has to be owned by Thais.
(3) put it in the wifes name business or house and in far to many cases she will go and you have nothing left as What happened to Ian in Phucket and that I think was £1.2 million. Ians case ongoing now but he is the one being prosecuted.
(4) If you are American you have a right to set up a business under a special law but you try and do it, as they drag it out so long it costs

Even my wife's family told her to leave me when we had a corrupt Thai with his family police and attorney try to get us to give them £250.000 or I would have an accident and spend 2 years in jail. She did not and fought to get us both out, now even dropping her Thai nationality as disgusted at her country.

Jim do not sit there and say everything is alright and be a good guest as many people go there on holiday fall in love with the place they see on the surface. They come home sell up and go to Thailand not doing all the checks then the nightmare starts. You know its a hellhole of late and getting worse

I had a 30 year connection and loved it for many years, but never sold or rented out my UK home so I was lucky.

Sadly far to many Thais look at Farangs (what they call us white foreigners) as an ATM and expect you to give them everything they ask for.

To anyone thinking of moving there, do not at this time as another Junta is in power and killing the country, Police are so bad and racialist you will loose everything you own and maybe your life to, but do not take my word for it do a bit of research for yourself and the facts jump out at you just google it and read other forums. Then you will have the truth.

I wish I could say something nice about the place as I once loved it more that home, but now just think its a cesspit of corruption, deception and murder. I stll have over 1000 friends there all Thai and all I care about and hope one day life for them will get to the standards I now enjoy.

Cambodia is a much better bet now, very surprised at what I found there and Laos and Vietnam is also worth a look, treatment is much better but again be careful.

Jim please tell us why there are so many suicides by Farangs there its day after day including this today.

The 32-year-old man took an escalator to the fourth floor of the airport’s departure hall before jumping over the railing onto the ground below.

I look forward to hearing your answer as thousands of farangs end their lives here every year, why only here and not in their own country?

I end by saying 60million Thais are nice people and I love them, the other 7million who run the place should be in jail or better still dead

Well neveragain, glad you left. hope where ever you are the streets are paved with gold. Thailand and the Expat community are better off without you
Good Day an

If you find Thailand to be that intolerable, the solution is simple, just go home!

Funny how so many expat discussions get sidetracked by some people claiming Thailand is a horror show and others that it's a paradise.  Thailand has it's pros and cons, but it's just like anywhere else, just a different version, and those one-sided takes reflect more on those peoples' biases than on Thailand.

The one thing I like the most here in Thailand is my kids, and the one thing that stands out most about being here is that it's a lot like anywhere else.  It's corrupt in different ways, but then every country has some issues with corruption, or at least politics and some unbalanced forms of uses of influence.  It has beaches and beautiful natural scenery and very kind people, but then there are beautiful aspects of nature and generally decent people almost everywhere. 

The keys to fitting in and thriving here are the same as anywhere else; apply your own strengths and aptitudes, build up a good life, avoid throwing away your potential on negative habits, interact positively with others, be clear on what you want and figure out steps to getting it rather than drifting about, be grateful for what is positive.  If a key to your happiness always lies outside you in some external goal, if you feel like you need to earn a certain amount of money to be happy, or achieve some status, or travel a certain amount, then you'll likely never be happy because your goals will keep shifting about.  I personally don't see how adjusting perspective to seeing your reality as a paradise is helpful but a positive outlook is great, and if someone experiences things in that way then that's great for them.

Jim you oblivious cannot read or lack the ability to understand, I did go home weeks ago. That is the problem the uneducated cannot see the wood for the trees.

You know its turned nasty out there yet appear not to care about yourself or those who may want to come and do not know the truth.

I hope you enjoy all the hassels getting visa's and having to do the border runs every 90 days just to stay in the country and the real fact at any time very soon it could be farangs out. I hope you enjoy being blamed for everything that goes wrong out there.

All I ask is tell the truth. Don't try to tell others its wonderful when its a heath risk.

Ask any Thai who has left if they would go back and most say no. They may visit for a holiday to see family but moving back never.

Songkran is just a few days away I hope you are not one of the 450 orso who will die on the roads in those 7 holiday days  (just because the police are to lazy to do there job).

With people like you out there no wonder the place will never be free and fair.

I wish I could say different about the place as I always will have a soft spot in my heart for Thailand,, but unlike some I cannot lie to myself.

Stop kidding yourself and face facts for once in your life.


Thanks for that, its just the way I feel about people who cannot or will not tell the truth and live in dream world.

Just to let you know, no streets in the world are paved with gold, that is just a myth but still there are those who believe that rubbish.

Many of the expats in Thai are fine just enjoying the back end of their life and I wish them all the success if they can tolerate being told what to do, what to say and what to think. The others well runaways and perverts.

The Government issued new rules for the Songkran Holiday yesterday, see on FB.

(1) Not to play with water on the side of the road.
(2) not to play with water after 9pm.
(3) not to wear skimpy cloths or tight fitting cloths
(4) not to use a water pistol to spray water
(5) not to have water barrels in pick up truck to splash water from
(6) not to ride in back of pick up truck
(7) not to use power to cover face
(8) not to drink

Thais on FB said well just cancel it as you have again taken away all of our fun.

I hate to think what Tuu (pm) meant when he said "my soldiers do not want to have to fire bullets???"

For those who do not know, Songkran is the Thai new year where everyone returns home and have fun with friends splashing water over each other.

Enjoy your life in your paradise, I will that is for sure and have freedom to do so and not worry on my next visa run the rules have changed yet again and I have to leave loosing everything I worked my whole life to get.

Some people???

Things have changed alot in the past 10 to 20 years in Thailand.  Today i wouldn't go back there except for a brief holiday.  Back then everything was cheaper and value for money plus great infrastructure.  And if you wanted to party the sky was the limit.  A $100 could go a long long way back then and tourists were seen as a cashcow.  Local women did cheerish western men and looked forward to marriage.  Today its just a big big business and foreigners are at risk of getting scammed, robbed blind and seriously heart broken.

Yea when I first came here in 1967   a banana leaf wrapped around a meal of fried rice cost 1 to 2 baht , or 5 to 10 cents. a hotel room was 4 dollars and a short time was 3 dollars though in the boonies it was about 25 cents. Remember when a Mickey D's was 15 cents... Glad people like you are gone...

well glade your back in what ever home is to you now. I'm sure you can do whatever you want to there right? own weapons and kill each other or play with fireworks. government doesn't tell you how to live do they. and the Queen of Hearts never says of with their heads there do they. Enjoy your life crybaby

50/50  I first came for a year and a half in 1973.  I was a young man then and it was "Heaven-on-Earth" for me.  Now, after living here full time for 9 years, I am able to recognize the (systemic/governmental) animosity a percentage of Thais have for non-Thais. Since it is still more affordable than western countries, I would probably still come- although I would now know that it isn't the Paradise it once was in the early 70's.

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Thailand is Arguably the best place to retire...great expat communities from America & Europe...the people who cannot appreciate Thailand are the same losers wherever they go...any country for that matter...I rest my case...Long Live Thailand !!!!!

Everyone has the freedom of choice and everyone has different lifestyle, taste, dreams etc

Perhaps there are people who got cheated or face lots of negative situations in Thailand. While there are some who got bed of roses all the time.

Let's try not to criticize or pass rude remarks on someone opinions before you truly know and experience their situation.

I'm​ sure those who live in Thailand has their own reasons which are different from others.

I'm in Thailand because​ of my business and will move out of Thailand one day as more Thais are expecting high income with easy job. Survey and plans are being carried out to move to other countries that can support my field of business.

By that time, I will pop into Thailand as tourist instead of resident.

My choice in Thailand is living happily such as a bungalow house in a private estate especially golf course with strict security. Lots of greens and quiet life. House with 5 bedrooms or more.

Part time maid that comes twice a week to do cleaning. I have my standard of lifestyle which I need. I have 1 life and I want to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

I work hard and I play hard especially pampering myself after work.

All of us have different standards, so try to accept other people's views and choices. They have their freedom of choice, needless to say opinions is theirs.

For example, if he can afford a 69 baht for a steak, you can't force him to dislike it since his budget is 69 baht and he's happy eating it.

Back in the day I was one of the country's biggest fans and promoted it wherever I went. Today after an horrific year I tell the truth. When a local tries to scam you out of £250.000 and uses his police family and Attorney to get you arrested then sends messages pay up plead guilty got to jail for a couple of years or die. Enough is enough. It cost me £150.000 just to survive and get out.

I was lucky and not being stupid got out. Then we hear these two, husband and wife started fighting each other as they need the money to pay for a business they set up thinking it would be my money that paid the bills. They also had to pay off the police and the attorney in BK South attorneys office.

Then within 21 days of realizing I was out of the country and no money was forthcoming they had a big fight, he beat the living days out of her all caught on video and she sent out the video and photos to all their friends by email. Yes we got a copy and she got a right T beating.

Now she is the one with the connections IE police and attorney, so was going to get him arrested this time. He who also has a British passport did a runner as he knew he would either die or go to jail for a long time. He who is Thai by the way we found out has scammed banks and people out of 10 of thousands of pounds.

You may think if you have a small brain or no education that I am to blame, but in realty or the real world its away of life in that place now. There are over 50.000 cases like this blocking the justice system as they fight each other to take each others money.

Over the last 3 years the place has become Lawless and some of the crimes horrific. This is a country that beats its children for not being able to keep up with reading (9 year old). Another teacher shaved a big chunk of hair off a child in two place. Those in power rape and pay children for sex. and I could go on all day giving you reports of events of the last week.

The place is a cesspit of corruption and deception. Now with the new Computer Crimes Act 2017 you say anything someone does not like or even click a like on facebook and you are off to jail.

We fought two world wars to stop the likes of Hitler taking over the world, yet here where they do not have the balls to fight they use Hitlers practices and the locals are too scared to do anything. Little men in green with no brains who could not run a P>>> up in a Brewery.

Even if you click a like on Facebook in your own country go there on holiday like I did you can get arrested so be very aware.

Over 300 Brits died there last year alone, its been running that high for years, same applies to other Nations citizens. Mind you there are some nasty Brits out there who did a runner from the UK to avoid jail, but there time is numbered, some are being sent back others like a certain web designer get it another way.

If you cannot see the change for the worse then there is a problem inside your head. I also thought it would not happen to me and right now the only reason I am not dead is because my Thai wife stood by me and like her family saw the injustice. I had a great life there then one day it changed.

Its now changed again for the better, but I do not forgive or forget, you will read a lot more soon that is for sure.

Many of you cannot go home as the money left will not cover it, again I was lucky, but I did plan ahead just encase. Life in Vietnam, Cambodia and even Laos is better that roughing in in this place.

I hope you have a good life, but do not try and tell people lies by saying this place is paradise when its just a cesspit with no morals.

PS she is even a bigger scammer that he is.

What have you been drinking today?

We do not have firearms here, it is the safest country in the world I can also use facebook without the fear of a knock on the door.

In a year we see less die on our roads than you have in a month.

How many was it Songkran week?

Answer 442 dead at the seen more at the hospital.

Your living in cloud cuckoo land mate.

Never again, I'm very sorry for your bad experiences in Thailand. I'm very sure you are not the only one and there are worst case than yours.

There's no perfect in this world.

I can write a book about bad of Thailand or some countries including UK - Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England.

But what is the bottom line? Do I want to live there or move to somewhere else?

Everyone has their own preferable and choice to suit their own needs.

I got cheated and scam in Thailand too and I told myself, "They are smarter than me but I learned. Thus I will be smarter than them in the end - I make more money in my business and I have better life than them"

I don't need to grumble or cry over spill milk as that is past. I look towards the future and plan better at the present.

My past teaches me to be smarter and stronger but don't dictate my present happiness.

As I had said in my last posting, I will move out of Thailand to China due to business. I plan to travel to various countries like 1-3 months in a country.

I got only 1 life, I'm sure gonna make my life happy. Whatever bad situation, I brush it off as dandruff on my shoulders.

I sleep well, eat well and guard my heart so as I will be healthy. From there, I can bless and help others in need especially charitable organisations.

Can I live in Chiang Rai on $1200 usd a month?

Your question is very subjective because everyone's taste is different. $1200=39,600 baht based on exchange rate of $1=33baht

It all depends on the amount is for you alone or need to support a Thai wife plus kids?

The type of accommodation you like, area to live, food you eat, how many beers you drink per day - at home or at bar etc

Before you make the leap, go to chiang Rai and check out yourself first as you know best which lifestyle suits you.

Some people have $2,000 is not enough. Even $5,000 is not enough based on their lifestyle.

Thank you.... it would just be me. Also, I have a BA in communications and I'm a journalist. But I don't have a teaching degree. Could I find a teaching job in Chiang Rai?

Yes.  Most Comfortably! :)

Thanks for that.

in the end I did not get scammed as I got out of the place by my own means. having had 30 years experience with the place and also married to a Thai Lady who stood by me through all of this, I know the place so well. But it cost me well over £150.000

Its the last 3 years its changed so much and many of the people also. They see what those at the top are doing and feeling the rip offs they suffer and say well if the top people can do it we will to.

I do not want anyone to go through what I did, so warning others about what goes on is a must. with over 300 British deaths there a year and the police do nothing to help those who need help.

I am lucky as I do not need forums to get the message across, but this year you will see what can be done by those who are not stupid.

All they want is your money either by the Elite card which is a rip off or making you do 90 day border runs to get a new visa which costs you.

Its those at the top that think they are gods who run the pace. They are nothing but Criminals liars and Cheats. They do even worse to their own people.

If you are there now you know the new Criminal computer law came out this week, now Thais are scared to death of it, they cannot even put a like on facebook and have been told not to by that little Hitler the pm.

The scum bag that had me arrested and wanted £250.000 fell out with his wife because they where so convinced they would get the money from me, they spent it b4 they got it. She is the corrupt one as its her family police and BK attorney. he beat her up so bad then realised what he did and being scared did a runner and guess where he is now? and where he will be in the not too distant future.

They have no education as held back by the so called elites but worse no morals and it getting worse of late.

I just want people to see what they could be getting into if they visit or god forbid retire there, the true info is not on the web as yet, but its coming soon.

It was a county I loved and many of the people I still care about. But those at the top need jailing or even worse for what they have done to the country. But that is what you get in a 3rd world country run by little Hitlers with no balls.

Its almost as bad as North Korea, but there they know, here they are now finding out to their costs.

Sad as once it was a nice country now just full of Propaganda and evil.

I do not miss it in anyway and are not scared to say what has to be said.

Good luck on your travels and all the best for your future.

Wherever I go - there I am.  I seem to take my contentment or discontentment with me.  As a good friend pointed out to me, I must be willing to suffer the consequences of my actions/choices as well as inactions.  He said just "take responsibility" for my choices and acceptance is the key.  Then he really got under my skin when he told to "look at the part I played in any situation".  I found I chose the actors, set the stage, selected the theme, location, times, and when things didn't work out the way I had planned, I had to place the blame somewhere - .......... - Make the rest of your life the best of your life.  Yogi.

Never Again

Good that you didn't get scammed but spent a lot of money to get out and having a loyal wife standing beside you.

If you sit down and study carefully, there are many people who knows the risks and problems, yet they are willing to put their feet into it.

Very good example is they go to bars and hanky panky places. They know what to expect from the girls there, yet they put their heads in there. They know the girls are not loyal and faithful with more than 1 man. Yet they don't mind sharing them and sent monthly money to them.

You play with fire and get burnt when you embrace the fire. No one to blame but yourself.

There's an old Chinese proverb, you go to the doctor and tells him, can you give me medicine to cure my stupidity?

In today's world, all countries are having lots of problems. Be it social or political.

I believe in peace, love and joy in my heart always. With peace, I have confidence to do many things. With love, I appreciate more things and less frustration and complaints. With joy, I eat and sleep well, thus I'm healthy.

I do my best in things I focus and return to the people and country by charitable deeds.

There's only 1 life and I just enjoy it.

Thanks for your wishes and I sure have it as I believe in enjoy the fruits of my labour as it's written in the Bible.

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