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In retrospect, would you move again to Thailand?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in Thailand, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in Thailand so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


If I had a chance to do it all over again, I wouldn't had bought a condo, instead I would had rented.  Then I would also have a chance to change neighborhoods if I wanted. I would test it out first maybe 6 months or a year, instead of packing up & moving here thinking that I will Love it so much. We enjoy that are money goes so far & that we can afford to travel. Outside the city the Thai people are very kind & you feel safe around them even if you don't speak a lot of Thai.

I am now living and working in Thailand for 7 years and i do not regret one day my decision.
Do i miss my home country (Netherlands) NO!, but to go back once a year for a holiday and to meet family and friends YES!
The differences between Thailand and The Netherlands are huge. But overall i prefer to live here, with not so many rules, the tropic climate, the great restaurants and of course the very friendly people.

YES i move here again, Only sad i didn't go to Thailand on a trip before 2010, If i have, I move here before i am sure of that.
Move here 2 month and 7 days after my only trip here.

Never being back home, And only go home one more time in my life (i hope).
Someday my Thai wife like to see my home country.

Today with skype, It is very easy to talk to family back home.

I love the Thai easy going, Easy life, Thai relax approach to life in general.
Thai kindness, Open mind, open heart.
I love Thai / Asian food, the weather here is good for my body, Little to cold in Dec / Jan for me, But that okay.

Simply put, Thailand is a experiment in extremes.  At times, Thais can seem friendly, warm-hearted and generous.  At other times, you can really feel the xenophobia, bigotry and animosity some Thais have for 'Farangs' - (and you're able to recognize that the latter attitude is encouraged institutionally!)  I would probably move here again- mostly because it is about the only place on Earth that has decent infrastructure and is affordable for me. Like most Western males, I relish the ultimate, inexhaustable supply of "eye-candy.   I am at peace living here now- only because I have learned to Love my solitude.

YES YES YES!!! I will come to Thailand again!
-I will run away earlier from my violent husband and come to Thailand.
-I will not spend a lot of money, I will keep my money until I find my actual husband.
-Hope I will find my actual husband earlier too!!!!!
-I loose my time 25 years with a sick and violent man...
-Now I am in paradise with a nice Thai Esan husband, we are married for 9 years now
-Even I am very sad that it is so difficult to get the Thai nationality, I dont regret!!!!!!
-My dream is to be Thai, have Thai ID, Thai passport!!!!
-I dont have any family anymore in Europe, Nothing!!!!!
-All I have is my husband, my love and my home in Sisaket
-I am 54 and I want to die in love and quietly in Thailand
-20 years of Thailand, good things, bad things, like everywhere...
-10 years without go out and dont regret it!
-Our love is stronger than all the problems, and sometimes I understand Thais...When I see very old farrangs with very young Thais girls....And so much more....
-I think that farrang men have to change their way of thinking about here, Thailand is not a sex supermarket or a shop that sell young wife!!!


I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand with my Thai wife of 17 years in 2012.  First, I do not regret the move for a minute.  There are definitely things I would have done differently now that I have 20-20 hindsight but overall I live each day quite satisfied with the choice we made.  I am a retired US military officer who also retired from a second, shorter 16-year career to make the move after my youngest child graduated from college.  That was the plan for several years before the actual move and we followed through on it.

There was a lot of time spent online and doing research on areas of Thailand.  Originally we had planned to live on Koh Chang but the ability to reliably secure a Chanote title to our invested property there steered me away to recoup what I could and look elsewhere.  If I cannot enjoy the sea close up in a quiet peaceful area then I will have mountains and Chiang Mai fit the bill perfectly.  The geographic area is interesting to explore and the people and culture are always a joy to experience and interact with.  After four years, I consider Chiang Mai my home.

Of course there are times when I miss my children and grandchildren and the extended family but the lifestyle I chose and accepted early in life always kept me from those spiritually closest to me for long periods.  I was lucky enough to find a woman who happens to be Thai, that shares many of my values and views on what life is about (my second took me two times to get it right, I guess).  We will start the second phase of our life in Thailand by traveling a little more to see those who mean the most to us within the next year or so.  That will mean more travel within and outside Thailand as our time and financial resources permit.  There are compromises in any choice of where we live, I suppose but travel and movement is in our blood anyway.

Given the choice to make, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  The quality of life here in Chiang Mai rivals many other places in the world while providing a range and diversity of cultural experiences (I also happen to enjoy motorcycle riding / touring and mountains are a biker's heaven, as anyone who rides knows).  The standard of living is most definitely acceptable, even at my meager military pension which allows me to live what would locally probably be considered solid middle-class

We work at staying physically active and curious about our surroundings.  I think that is one of the most important things to cultivate as we age and the culture in Thailand and more specifically Chiang Mai, makes that easy.  Overall, Thais are more health conscious than some other cultures I think, and that helps us to make the most of our time and years ahead.

I guess the above is wordy and maybe too much information but I hope I answered the question adequately to help others that are considering what comes next in their lives.

Absolutely, yes!

As a expatriate, yes
As not a expatriate, no

After the 1st experience as a expatriate, I missed to live in Thailand alot.
However, 2nd living as a local employee is quite different. Most of all, I should be more fluent in Thai and it is not easy task to achieve.

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