In retrospect, would you move again to Mexico?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in Mexico, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in Mexico so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


Would  I have done it again ? definitely. What would I do differently? I would have spent even more time practicing Spanish. I would have made a couple of trips with my  car to transport the same things I brought then I would have sold the car in the U.S. and returned to buy  car here. Otherwise I would do the same things.

There are some problems being here but they are far out weighed by the positive things. The cost of living here is much less, the people, once they know you are not just visiting are very friendly and helpful. The country is quite beautiful and culturally rich. I have no boring days, I'm always busy

What do you have to adjust to ?  people throwing trash down, time frames that are very flexible, and less easy access to things you might want. The mail is very slow but it works., and Things shipped to you may get stalled at the border. You can work around most of these things , it just takes time and patience.

EXACTLY! My Spanish was only ok, to live and really function, you must speak really good, almost native, Spanish. Unlike many Americans I realize this is my fault, not the people of Mexico. I had no future in America, I was one of those who were caught in the big fall out of 2008, actually lost most of what I owned. What better time to sell out, load up, come South? BEST decision I have ever made! Plus, as you mention, this is a foreign country, with different outlooks on things, different ways of doing things, etc. I look at it as THEIR country, THEIR rules, it is up to me, to adapt!

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