Four UK teen girls and adult looking for 7 days accommodation

We are Carl And Sally. We lived in St Paul's Bay for a year and a half around 2013/2014. We had to leave for business reasons ( back to the UK ) and in our guilt for uprooting our 15 year-old daughter we promised her a short return to Malta to meet up with Malta friends at the end of May 2016 (28 May to 4 June ). We arranged accommodation with Malta friends but that fell away at the last moment. We are urgently looking for just a roof over our heads and a bathroom. The girls (my daughter and 3 friends) will be accompanied by either myself or Sally - 5 persons in total. We all bring sleeping bags - just a room anywhere will be fine. Gozo or Malta will be excellent.The girls all paid for the trip from their own savings so our budget is tight but we will pay the full charge upfront whatever the amount.

Hi there Carl and Sally,

Maybe you could inquire from the contacts in these two sections of the business directory :

- Hostels in Malta

- Guesthouses in Malta

All the best,

Thank you Bhavna.

Will do so.

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