Neighbor issues

My gf grew up in a tiny village in the mountains of Honduras. She bought property there close to where her father still lives about 5 mins away.

The neighbor where she has started to construct her home has always been a jerk. He grew up like the "king" of the village and would always bully people in the village and get away with it.

His home has a few pools which is his part time business and for many years the run off would go on her property. Now that she has built the first level of the home(and living in it) she is no longer taking his habits and standing up to him and the tensions between her and this man are growing.

I don't live in Honduras but visit her quite a bit.

To make a long story short, what is the legal system like? I realize the cops can be sometimes crooked.
However this man has repeated said he wanted to kill her off, but had only mentioned it to others and denied it when directly asked.

This weekend she was planting some flowers on public property but close to the border and they were fighting verbally and then he said "believe me, one day if you piss me off enough, I'll kill you and hide you far far away"

She's at her wits end and wants to call a lawyer.
Any advice?

Her whole family lives close by and she has multiple small properties close by so uprooting and moving to roatan or smuggling her to Usa aren't realistic.

Sell the properties and move her. Move her first....

sell and move before there is bloodshed. If the dude is such a bully he wont do anything, but will have someone else do it because he has made too many threats.  I realize family is very important to a lot of people, but I think she is in danger.

not good; the man is a loose cannon - when someone makes a threat like that, you better believe it.

I know what you are saying, I just don't have enough sense to be afraid I guess.  I'm from Alabama and am used to having a gun close at hand.  I don't know Honduras laws concerning gun ownership.....

In Honduras you can have someone killed for less than $100.00  I would not take this bullies comments as idle threats. Machismo's a big thing in that part of the world and for a women to "disrespect" this bully he loses face in the community.

you can get it done in the U.S. for that amount also if you know where to look.  I understand he "looses face" if he don't get what he wants, even if he is wrong.  I have no time to waste on these bullies, as I was raised in a different culture, it is hard for me to understand not standing up for yourself, male or female.  I don't believe in bothering anyone and I am not going to be bullied.  I'm too old to mess with them.  I pray she gets help in resolving the problem.....

I can totally relate to your comment but as a person who has traveled to many different countries including war zones I have learned that it's best to respect local customs then to try to convince folks that, thats not the way its done back home.  There is a saying in Honduras and I will try to translate into english... the law sides with the strongest.  That does not mean that the strongest is right.

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