We are a family of four twenty somethings looking to invest in a buisness for sale in Roatan. We have many questions about insurance, permanent residency, and home inspections. We know we know we love it there and we could make a wonderful life. Please if you have any info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Concerning your health insurance, i suggest you to contact our partner insurers in Honduras for a free quote: … /honduras/

I wish you good luck.

I have lived on Roatan since 2007, originally from Canada. Things work a little differently here than in North America. There are options for health, home, and vehicle insurance. Home inspections? Unless it is a very high end value property, I don't know of people getting home inspections, but you must have a good lawyer you trust on Roatan to carefully check deeds, water, hydro, and road access. As for residency, that too you need a good lawyer. The most important thing to do is to spend time on the Island before making any purchases or final (life altering) decisions!!! I love it here, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else, but it is very different to what I lived before, and honestly some people find out too late that it isn't going to work for them. You also need to connect with the expat community, that is were you will get your best information.
While the tone is fun and lighthearted... on the Roatan Vortex radio show, Saturday mornings at 10 AM Roatan Time (CST)I talk about how I made the move and what to consider. You can listen in at Roatan Radio I also share things about day to day life on Roatan at Roatan Vortex

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where can I get an online car insurance quote for Roatan Honduras?

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