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I would like all Americans know that I had my legal weapon and permit confiscated from the police.** Please be advised about this. The weapon was purchased from a government store and I had a legal permit to carry it. I was completely sober and there were not bullets in the weapon at the time of the confiscation. Every Honduran who I have spoken to is disgusted by this shameless behavior on the part of Honduran law enforcement!!

Where did you get your carry permit ? What did the police say was the reason for taking your gun ?

Hi, that really stinks, but having lived down there, not at all surprising.
   But what DID surprise me is that you were able to get permission and purchase a weapon as a foreigner, I'm amazed..! I would have given anything to have been able to do that. Now I lived there last in 2003, could you please let me know how you accomplished that.   thanks so much, pete

Can you please emphasize on how did you get the permit there in Honduras as a foreigner and what was the reason why they took your weapon?

You can own a firearm and keep it at your home. If you want a conseal carry permit so you can at least have a gun in your vehicle when you travel... it can easily be done. A client of mine just obtained the permit yesterday. Takes two days or less. Utilizing a Honduran corporation makes it swift.

When there is a will.... there is a way 😎

More than likely corrupt cops at the time wanting a little bit of $. Giving him a hard time just waiting for him to give in. In the end the cops got his gun and probably sold it and split the $. Situations like this for foreigners are not happening all over. Situational but much better now 👏🏼

This is good to know Chris, thank you. Now by any chance, are we able to bring our own concealed from the US have it registers in HN? I know this is a random question but can I bring my little 4 pound dog and my boat with me to Honduras?

What parts of Honduras would you say this is happening? Would it be in the capital of a Honduras or by the the coast?

There are some free gun provinces in Honduras, one of them is Roatan and another is Colon, where Trujillo is.  I got mine confiscated there a month ago with my permit, they should give you a receipt.
This is the" Policia Preventiva" (light blue shirt). The government has been cleaning this police for the last three years, over 3,500 police fired,  though, still a way to go.
  Got my gun recovered, after a few phone calls and visits to the headquarters, told them that I would put a denuncia or complaint at the judicial police (honest and upright police department) for robbery and I had the ticket to prove it, case solved.  Not without pitfalls.

Thanks Cesar!

How do you think when Canadian going to the US and buy a legal gun?It's OK.
When someone break in into his winter house...  This Canadian fired to protect himself. ..
Then what's next?  I don't think he still having good time to enjoy the hot sandy beach...
I don't know the Honduras laws. But some countries when gringo killed local by any reason, we can get really hard time to get out.
You don't lose your treasure by his/her death.
But you still lose everything after anyway.  So for what this weapon?

I remember when we went to Copacabana beach and scared to be robe. .. the hotel security said:
"Go necked and you have nothing to lose!!!"



If you are in a private vehicle. You may not transport it on a bus. I would not transport a weapon anywhere, in any vehicle, because it is your word against the police, and if they decide to retain the weapon there is little you can do. I have a legal permit and the weapon did not contain bullets. I had offered it to the watch man before entering the bus and he said that he would take it later on, but forgot because he was really busy loading suitcases.

I had to pay $500.00 fine and attorney fees combined!

Not even the United States Counsel was aware of this law. This is national, so to say you can travel with a weapon in Trujillo or Roatan is not correct. However, they may not enforce the law, but they have the right to. … C3%BAblico


I did get my weapon back But it cost $500.00 between the fine and legal costs. You must have all paperwork as well. I did receive a receipt after the weapon was confiscated.

This is a national law, so it can be enforced anywhere in Honduras. The kicker is to purchase another weapon even requires on top of everything else a letter from INTERPOL.


Based on your link I read in spanish this is what it says:
[Written- Aug. 29th, 2013]
Congress yesterday approved an interpretation of the law to bear arms which prohibits the carrying of any fire artifact to the people who move on public transport & motorcycles, in an attempt to reduce sicariato (hit men) and assaults on urban/interurban buses & taxis service.
The measure passed with waiver debates on request by nationalist parliamentary Eduardo Martinez.

Article 1 states that weapon owners legally registered under that decree must renew normally to ballistic their registration licenses, excluding those citizens who have gained a criminal record and the like.

On the other hand, the bill amends article 27-A of the decree 69-2007 on May 31st, 2007 hereinafter set will only permit the carrying of firearms by owner visibly in the areas of private property such as housing, business, workshops, vehicles, farms and similar.
Also surveillance and security employees can visibly carry w/ prior written authorization as the rightful gun owner.

The decree also provides that people may not carry their weapons visibly on the streets, spaces or public areas. Weapons in private vehicles will be allowed in areas accessible to the owner. In any case, weapons
should not be accessible to minors.
At the end of the day, I believe you and Chris have some right. Great input and thanks for sharing.

$500.00 is a lot for sure.

On another note it’s illegal to smoke on sidewalks 🤔

Is it possible to ship your weapons to Honduras legally?  I understand that there are several calibers that probably would not be allowed.  If so, how would one go about doing this?  Thank you in advance.

Get your lawyer to do this. Have a friend that brought in his hunting rifles a few years back. Pretty sure he used Jorge Lopez.

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