Legal Weapon

I would like all Americans know that I had my legal weapon and permit confiscated from the police.** Please be advised about this. The weapon was purchased from a government store and I had a legal permit to carry it. I was completely sober and there were not bullets in the weapon at the time of the confiscation. Every Honduran who I have spoken to is disgusted by this shameless behavior on the part of Honduran law enforcement!!

Where did you get your carry permit ? What did the police say was the reason for taking your gun ?

Hi, that really stinks, but having lived down there, not at all surprising.
   But what DID surprise me is that you were able to get permission and purchase a weapon as a foreigner, I'm amazed..! I would have given anything to have been able to do that. Now I lived there last in 2003, could you please let me know how you accomplished that.   thanks so much, pete

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