Thinking about moving to Erbil with Chinese girlfriend

Hey everyone.

I'm an English teacher currently in China but I'm in the middle of applying for an English teaching job in Erbil in Iraq. I'm hoping to be able to move there in a few months if I get the job. The problem is my Chinese girlfriend is coming with me. So far we have no luck finding her a job or any Chinese expats or anything. I think that if we can't find anything for her we should try somewhere else.

Does anyone know of any possible jobs for a Chinese national who speaks fluent English and is a trained Chinese teacher?

What about a Chinese expat community?

Are there many Chinese companies that operate in the Erbil or nearby?



Hi Friend,

Chinese are very less, lot European domination in this country, In Erbil Europeans and Americans, in south part of Iraq you will find more Chinese, Look for job in universities, should not join in training centers, because of present situation, lot job insecurity here in Erbil, If it a university you job will permanent and you can continue for one year, and be prepare to face polities from locals and Europeans. Erbil is nice place to live and secured place.

If you have offer in hand from any university come to Erbil other wise, leave it this option.

They will less salaries for English trainer between $1000 - $2000 per month


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