part time/full time Maids in Erbil

We are going to living in the American Village when we come to Erbil soon. just wanted to know is it easy or difficult to find a full time/part time maid in Erbil and what are the general living standards there because I heard its pretty modern. please advise somebody??

Hi there,

Finding a Maid in Erbil is pretty as there are a lot of them. As for living standards, its pretty good, depending on your age, life style and expectations, there are places to visit as a family and as for night clubs, well your out of luck here :)

Good luck

Mr. Hinatashi,
The American Village is located outside the main Erbil area.  This restricts transportation alternates for maids.  There are many maids from Ethiopia, and a few from Philippines, in Erbil.

The primary decision on your part is whether you want full-time(which does not present a transportation problem), or part-time(which does present a transportation problem).  If you want to hire an Ethiopian maid on a full-time basis, she might ask you to be her sponsor for her Kurdistan Visa.  This is not a big deal.

Most of the homes in American Village have extra room for maid accommodation.

If I can be of help after you settle, give me a call

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I live also in the American Village and im looking for a full time maid. I would like to have a Filipina and I can provide her a visa.
Could you give me some advice to find ones.

Hi FatFat313,
I am outside Erbil now but will return after the Eid holiday.  I will respond then.  I can state now that there are more maid candidates from Ethiopia compared to Philippines, so it would be easier to find a maid from Ethiopia.

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Hi Thomas 231,

Im waiting for your respond. I really need someone to help me and had a very bad experience with one girl from ethiopia thats why i want now someone from Filipina.
See you soon

I'm resureceting this old post, hope someone will answer.
Actually I'm arriving in Erbil in One week. Could you tell me what is the average wage for a full time maid?



&400v-$500 plus food accommodation ticket once year

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hello... i need a maid house  ....

officer, could you please post in the JOBS section ?


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R u still in erbil,I'm from pakistan ...trying to find some families.

Dear all
I am moving toErbil in Dec with my two boys. Any helpful ding a maid/nanny would be wo derail. I have put an add in the job section also.



Dear Sister,

Assalam o Alikum,

Mera aik dost kuwait say Iraq gya tha aur woh illegal gya tha , ab woh pakistan wapis jana chahta hay us ko kia karna chahey please ap wahan rahty hayn ap pata karwa sakty hayn?

kya proceedure hay

Looking forward to your reposnose.



Hi Shahid,

Please can you translate in English language so that Anglophone members can read and participate. ;)



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Hi to all ..
I need a part time maid in erbil .. Any advice ? Phone numbers ?

Hi Samere2000,

As you can see this thread is old " 2014 " :(

For your search of a part time job, I suggest you to post an advert in Jobs in Iraq.

If you have any question, feel free to create a new topic on Iraq forum.

Thank you


Im lookking for housemaid job

Check with the foreign oil companies.  Many of their personnel are on family status and need housemaid(some live-in, some not).

Hi you need house maids untill now?Can you please help me,,

Thomas231 :

Check with the foreign oil companies.  Many of their personnel are on family status and need housemaid(some live-in, some not).

Hello Mr.Thomas,

Can u give me the web to check it?

hi Hinatashi, im mary filipina, living here here in erbil Inkawa. i have friends to recommend you if you need part time maids. for any further question just call me.

hi mr samere, do you still need a part time maid? how much you give per hour?

i need a part time job..can anyone know and let me know.

How much is yours expecting salary !

4 times a week only friday. BR Faisal

15$ per hour.

Hi everyone,

For all those looking for jobs or offering one, could you please post your adverts under the appropriate section : Jobs in Iraq

Thank you


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