International Schools in Xiamen

We are planning to move to Xiamen ! My husband and my 3 boys ! We need information for English speeding schools !!! Thanking you in advance!

Hey you can consider tutor

Hi, Anna. We are considering moving to Xiamen.  My wife and three kids. Any interesting findings?
Also. What about health care?

Hi, hopefully moving too! With my husband and son! Did you find anything out? We are just starting the process and as husband does all the interview process I'm looking for schools and  homes!

Hi CEDum. Just that there are these two main schools: XIS and MXIS. The first one is much more expensive, about 20K per annum. The second one I couldn't contact.

Thanks Enrique, I've tried to contact MXIS too but no reply! My son will be 4 when we move so I think he can go to a kindergarden?? We don't have those in England so I'm confused by all the education structure!

There is Arthur's International Education, that is a brand new beautiful school for ages 3-18 that is starting classes after the holidays.  It is located in Siming district.

Adella[at]  is the director's email if interested

Thank you Chi2Xia... I've emailed them but non reply as yet, do you know if there is a Website?  Thank You! … IEYB5Io#rd

This is the only site I could find.  The address of the school is :

unit 114, No. 28, Huizhan North Road, Siming District, Xiamen

Good Luck, I got the information off of WeChat...

That's great, thank you, I will look it up!


Just wondering if anyone has information on Arthur's. Can't find much.
I have emailed that address above. Nothing back yet.
I have two girls aged 6 and 10.
Would like to know more on their classes, semesters and tuition if anyone can help.

Thank You!

Hi guys, from what I see some of us are on the same "plain"... I'm portuguese married to a dutch with a 10month old baby, and we are also considering to move to Xiamen, but would love to have some feedback from families currently living there and your experience with all the move and settling in.  Hope some of you can give me some insight. Thank you

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