Looking for a English tutor for my daughter

Hi there.

Call me Jason.

Looking for a Elglish tutor for my daughter.
Female, having English(teaching) related job/study/degrees.
To teach her English and help school adaptaion

About my daughter.
Korean, first time abroad. Joining 6th grade. Language Korean/a bit of English
around Marco Polo area.

Anyone interested.. send me a messege plz.


Hi Jason,

I would suggest you post an advertisement in the classifieds section of this website. Please make sure that you specify which city that you are in.  China is a very big place, you know. Best regards.

Hi Jason!
Nice to meet you, I am Silvia. I am 24 years old and I study law, I am finishing my master degree in law. My boyfriend is canadian and works in Xiamen, so I am often there with him and I would be interested to teach english to your daughter :) I live in Marco Polo area, exact in front of Marco Polo hotel!
The only thing is that right now I am not in Xiamen, but I will be there on the 12 of March and I will be immediately available to meet and talk about it. Let me know if it is not too late for you and we can make a plan!
Thank you,
Best regards


Please be extra careful on these forums.  Ther are those who prey on others, and expats are most vulnerable. Please take care.

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