We'll miss you James

Muito obrigado, Lyndy.
Thank you John.

This breaks my heart! The world has lost such a generous soul. I hadn't been online for a while, and logged in to ask a question about my next Brazil visa, which I knew would be answered by James as he so often helped with my questions and everyone else's. Speechless :(  R.I.P wonderful James xx

This news of James' passing comes as a complete shock to me. James was incredible helpful in giving me advice of navigating the beaucracy of Brazil both all over the forums and through individual messages. I am sure that he will be missed along with his advice. These expat forums will miss him dearly. My prays go out to his family.

This is really shock news. he helped lot of people about documents permanency Brazil.
We all pray he is family.

I am totally shocked and heartbroken! He was a great man. We will never forget you James! Feeling very sad R.I.P

I'm in tears, as I write this. He was of immense help to me, throughout the processing of all documents I needed to do. I joined the blog when I was pregnant in Africa. I came here to deliver and this blog was the source of all the information I needed to do everything I had to do. I'm totally heartbroken... Rest in Perfect Peace... James...

Thank you James for all your help and knowledge in the times of will never be forgotten

I've been away from the forum recently and did not know until now about this tragic event. I'm shocked and saddened. James was a kind, helpful and caring person. I had hoped to get together with him on one of my visits to Macae, but it never worked out. It's a lesson to not let opportunities to connect with someone slip away, because we may never get another chance. I was always amazed at James's knowledge and willingness to help others, but I was also concerned that his outspoken criticism would get him in trouble. Sadly, it seems that someone didn't like what he had to say. This is terrible.

Hello good friends

Is anybody now having some clear info of what really happened and why to mister James?
Or will this remain forever a tragic mystery?

If you want info, please send an email directly to me.  I prefer to do a Skype video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The cost is zero for a Skype video.

Out of  respect James' family, I have NOT posted any detaied info on this forum for what i have heard.  However, I totally disagree with this position.  James was a person with openness and he spoke the truth.  To hide James' death, funeral, etc., to me is totally wrong an injustices to the great legacy of James.  I miss James so much.  He was a very SPECIAL friend.  I am so sorry I knew him for such a short, short time.


FYI.  I am tentatively planning to go to some of the "CHEAP" Olympic games.  If anyone wants to go to the same games, please let me know.

I am interested in the volleyball in Copacabana, the basketball and gymnastic.  The cheap teickets for the opening and closing ceremony are NOT available at this time.

PLEASE if anyone has a negative comment about the Olympics, PLEASE do not tell me about it.  I know how to buy OFF to keep the mosquitos away and wear proper clothes.  I know how to go with little money, wear a cheap watch and go with other people to be safe.  I have been to New Orleans many times and know all about crime and hate.  I have had my ex-wife robbed at 2:00 PM in the afternoon walking down the sidewalk with our daughter in a very nice neighborhood in HOUSTON, TEXAS.  So Again, PLEASE take your negative comments and do NOT respond to my comment.  Many young people have worked for years to prepare for these games.  These young people come from all over to the world.  It may their first or only time to see Brasil.   I wish them well. I will go to support them and have a good time.

LIP  = Live in Peace

John of Macae RJ, Brasil

seriously we are going to miss you james, you were always there with us when we need your help in this thread. REST IN PEACE james.

Yes, everyday is a sad day without you, James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Julien,

Thank You for sharing. It was a SHOCKING NEWS to Me. Mr James was helpful to many expats by patiently answering the questions.

Can share more details, why James was murdered?

To James wherever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed you yesterday, today and I am sure I will miss your tomorrow.  Yesterday was my daughter's birthday.  I so wish she had had the chance to get to know you.   What a huge loss!!

Best wishes to my dear friend,

Hello from Houston Texas!!  I think Mr. James was a wonderful person.... always wanted to help and most important very honest.  I know how hard it is when a FRIEND passes away especially when you care and love that person. I went through that not too long ago. 
Take care. God Bless You.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still miss him and I think a lot of him.

Wondering how his wife and kid doing.

Fred...thank you!
I just came on the forum after a long time and saw this news. I am utterly shocked. James was a mentor to me and he was a person who helped others selflessly. I cannot believe he isnt here anymore. We used to discuss and help and learn and this forum was alive because of him.
Please include me in whatever way I can honour his work, his help to others.
Yes it was truly selfish that there was no information about this on the forums. I am not sure but was it due to the circumstances of his death ? Whatever the reason. I will miss you James Woodward. May you rest in peace. 😢

We're coming up to a year since this terrible event but James is still very much remembered and still part of this forum.
His posts are still with us and his advice is still in daily use.

A loss to us all.

I just saw the post and I could have nevet guessed he wasnt with us anymore as every post had his response on it. Truly a great loss. He helped many people. Touched many lives.
Does anyone have any updates on whether he was buried here or taken back to Canada ?

Yes, I agree with you.

Details of his death, are not being discussed openly in the forum as promised to his family. One of our member will tell you through private message.

Yes, So True. He was so patient enough to answer/explain elaborately to each of the members.
Why this does not happen to bad/dangerous & harmful people.


Wow here today gone tomorrow, James was a straight shooter. My condolences to his family. RIP

James is buried here.


Never got to interact with the man but his posts have been very helpful and his efforts inspire me to do the same for others!

Great guy :) may he rest in peace and may his selflessness inspire others like it has inspired me :)

I too never got to personally interact with James, but in a way I feel that I have. His Portuguese tutorials were helpful, as were his tutorials regarding gaining legal residency in Brazil although some of the laws have changed since he wrote those posts.

Being that this is Brazil, I doubt that even if they catch the perpetrators, there will be no justice. A slap on the wrist and the words "naughty boy, go sit in the corner for a few weeks" isn't justice and won't do anything to teach a lesson/rehabilitate. Neither will the fact that even IF someone "goes to jail" for this they get paid a minimum salary for the duration of their "incarceration" for fuck's sake (Pardon my French.). Every country in the world needs the death penalty for heinous acts such as this. And, instead of like it is in the US, like with puppies and kittens, the sentence needs to be carried out fairly quickly so the convicted and others can draw the proper correlation.  By the time a murderer is executed in the US, the appearance that they're paying for their crime is gone and it seems more like the person is being executed because they're sucking up hundreds of thousands of dollars that can more wisely be spent elsewhere.

Maybe I've just been lucky, but except for one occasion personally and three times that I heard about from the victims, I haven't seen this "Brazil is one of the most dangerous countries on the planet."

Someone tried to rob me at gunpoint once. However they were stupid enough to get within range and it didn't work out so well for him. The weapon is probably still sitting in the gutter where it got thrown.

Three other Americans that I knew were mugged for their phones on two separate occasions. However, these young men walked around practically with the word "victim" tattooed on their foreheads-heads down, phones out, head phones in. And no weapons were used in instances.

Two female roommates were coming home late one night and were accosted not far from where we lived. It was just the two of them and other than losing their cellphones and a little money, no harm was done.

I've walked through favelas in São Paulo at night, alone and never had a problem. But I don't walk around anywhere, even during the day, with my head down and phone out. I pay attention to my surroundings and those in them and I let everyone near me know I know they're there. IF I listen to music while out and about, it's not through the speaker or with corded headphones. Those are invitations. I use small, concealable Bluetooth stereo headsets.  I also don't have the volume loud enough for anyone but me to hear it and low enough that I can hear pretty much everything going on around me. Pilots call it situational awareness.

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