Job Offer Assistant Professor Dammam University - need advice

I have been offered an Assistant professor position at Dammam University, I am from Australia and have a PhD plus 6 years experience.

18000 basic per month
600 transport
25000 / year accommodation
17000 year for children education for 2
4 air tickets per year
60 day paid vacation
Health cover at government hospital

Is this a fair salary and will it be enough for 2 adults and five children.

I would appreciate any advise

As an assistant professor, such a salary and allowances could be sufficient enough for the family size.. After all, cos of living in Saudi Arabia is not as high as in Australia. And when you get promoted to an associate professor, there will be a huge jump and increase in your salary especially. Here in Saudi Arabia, the gap in salary between assistant and associate professor is sizable in comparison to the gap between an associate professor and full professor.

Is that US dollars?
Do you have to find your own accommodation?
The only viable option is a residential compound - search engine 'residential compounds in Dammam' should be good for a start.
These are expensive but DO include utilities - electricity and water etc - which are also expensive if metered on a pay it your self basis.
They include good facilities and a buffer zone form the strict Wahabism Islamic Conservative they live under here. On the compounds women can also get away with driving (as well as wearing a swimsuit) - some compounds are expansive enough to make it practical to drive to things on it.
See about multi-entry visas for trips to Bahrain.


Actually, that is a good offer. Most Universities offer such packages to expats. I'm sure housing is covered because you are coming from Australia. I enjoyed teaching at UoD when I was part of the PY. You don't meantion what you will be teaching, but the girls are quality girls. I'm not sure if you have taught anywhere in the Kingdom before....each region has its own personality. I'd say Jeddah and Dammam, are more relaxed and friendly. Students tend to care more about their classes; you'll still get students that will negotiate their grade or won't do the work but demand good grades. Set rules and expectations early. If not, it will be a struggle. UoD is good at backing their teachers. Not all Universities do that. In some places, the students call the shots. If your students complain about the amount of work you give, that means they like you; just not the work. Which I have heard stories of teachers getting fired because their students didn't like her. (How true that is, is all relative) You will find among the expats how quickly things get miscommunicated or misinformation travels.

Anyway, hope that helps.


Life is about comparisons and balancing.  If you and your family are comfortable I prefer  that you stay  where you are. It will be very hard for the kids to adjust here . However if things are not adding up in Australia then accept the offer.

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