My name is Kimberly, from the USA, Virginia..

I'm a soon to be EXPAT, and coming to Phnom Penh the end of April 2016..  My New Adventure/Life will  begin there... I plan to start my journal after my Dad, drops me off at the airport with my Backpack.

I have learned that if I want to do something to broaden my horizons, Then Do it or be quiet.  Haha.

  Any questions, comments or feedback welcome.. as I network and make friends from all of the world.  How Exciting is That!!?!  VERY.


Hi Kimberly ,
        I also hoping shortly to move to Cambodia , once I collect my Fiancée from the Ukraine, would love to keep in touch and maybe even share a few experiences along the way ,
        Anyway here me looking at you kid

            Regards Robin


Sounds, great..  When are you all planning to head here, and have you been there before?

Kim hope that's not being to forward, I hoping to move from UK next month to Ukraine, a month there and then to Cambodia
         My Fiancée is in the war zone, so she is moving up to Kiev a month of at last peace , but there is a price for her to get there bribes to road check points
                         Is there a way I could give you my email ??
             Regards rob
I did have a friend there strangely from US But now he's in Cyprus

TravelGirl66 :

I have learned that if I want to do something to broaden my horizons, Then Do it or be quiet.

That's an excellent attitude, I love it.

Next up - Be careful.
There are a thousand people out there that will try to take advantage of you and sound nice as they try to be nasty.
There are the obvious ones, and those less so.
Here's a bit of advice worth looking at.

If you get any requests for money from anyone, make some excuse as to why you can't lend it.
Any old lie will do as it will show them you aren't a target worth going after.
I usually tell them I'm waiting for cash to come from England and things are a bit tight until it comes.

If anyone offers contact details, google them before you reply. A lack of hits on a search commonly means a new email address, so ask yourself why they would do that in a world why email contact is so important.

Welcome: Things will work out perfectly I am certain. Just be safe like you would in any urban place in Earth. Learn a little of the language and smile. You'll be fine. I am in Siem Reap if you are up this way.


I really appreciate this and perfect timing, just deleted email.. I have a lot to learn in that aspect.. my son also teaches self defense for women, and mma fighter... so I will brush up on that... I appreciate you looking out for me.  I will be smart about everything.

good advice

Hello Kimberly,

I moved to PP in February from Washington, DC. Welcome to Cambodia! I live in the BKK2 area and work in Toul Kork. Are you settling in PP or just passing through? Let me know if you need tips or advice!

King regards,

Hi Kimberly,

My husband and I did kinda the same, we sold everything packed and ended here. Still don't regret it. Anyway let us know when you arrive and lets get a drink together :D


Hi Kimberly, you are welcome to Cambodia. There are many place to visit and the people here are warmly respect.

Thanks for interesting our country.

Kearan San

Lucky you, I just left Phnom Penh , I loved it , such nice people, and the city life is fantastic , I'm coming July 1 and plan on staying 5-6 months , I love Cambodia, have fun

I'm looking for a nice apartment, seems like most are in the Russian market area, is this a nice area? Or is central market area better, just retired hanging out, I love the markets, and aeon mall, the whole city has its different feel to each area , any ideas ?

Good luck on your adventure. 

As a Cambodian American who has been living here for much of the last 15 years, I've had quite a few experiences myself-- some good, some bad, and everyone of them a learning experience. 

You'll find that Cambodia is generally safer than many American inner cities.  There are many dangers here, but they're not necessarily the same ones as those you'd encounter in the states.  You just have be alert and not take anything for granted. 

I always admire Westerners who venture out to places like this to broaden their horizons.  I have many Cambodian-American friends who'd never step foot on their native country because they're so spooked by what they read in the news or hear through word of mouth.  I think Americans in general are not as well traveled as their European counterparts and so tend to have more insular worldviews. Although their negative perceptions about Cambodia are not necessarily incorrect, they really don't know the truth unless they're here for a while. 

You just have to be here to see it for yourself.  Just as long as you can manage to stay out of trouble, avoid sickness, traffic accidents, and things of nature, I think your life will be greatly enriched by being exposed to a land and culture very different from your own.

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Hi how you doing.wishing you the best in pp good luck

Hello Alicia,

What kind of business you are in if you dont mind me asking?


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