Long stay visa for family reunification (ROMANIA)

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I'm Roxana. Currently I'm in Nigeria with my husband, who's Nigerian. We've applied for the long-stay visa for Romania for him, and they gave us an appointment. He's fulfilled the requirements. However, when applying for the visa, I didn't see anywhere if it has to be a round trip or not, since the purpose is that when we get there he'll apply for the residence. So now we want to book his ticket but we don't know if we should book a two way ticket or not. Please help!!!!

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I am not aware that any proof of travel reservations is required at the time of application or interview, only the travel document (passport) and other documents.  It can take up to 60 days for the visa to be approved, and many people cannot afford refundable tickets or change fees on airline reservations.   

I would think that a one way ticket would be appropriate upon approval of the D/VF visa. 

You might want to confirm with the embassy that proof of travel plans is/is not required, but I don't believe it is for a family reunification visa.

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Thank you for replying, and thank you for the clarification. Well, I thought it takes like 30-45 days for the visa to be approved. That's what I've read on their site and on the romanian immigration website it says it takes up to 30 days for the immigration office to accept the applications. Our planning date is 40 days ahead of the day we have the interview, so I hope that won't be a problem... Anyways I will try calling the embassy for more information.

The law says they have 60 days to solve the application, but yes, it can go faster.  So the information you have on handling time may be accurate :)

Ok, so... we're now in Romania. They gave him the visa and we've already applied for permis de sedere. And yes, a two way flight is not required in order to apply for a reunification visa. Indeed, nobody asked us about the flight.
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