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Hello Expats, future friends and humans

My wife Suzana and I (Reinald) just relocated to Shanghai 2 weeks ago. We are trying to get somehow based in this enormous city, hitting all the obstacles a foreigner can possibly find :-). The language barrier and peculiar thinking patterns are quite a challeng so far, as is the traffic and the loss of time for everthing you try to do outside the home or office. We have already some chinese friends and coworkers but are new to the Expat-society.
We would be very happy to find people with same interests and may be more experience about living in Shanghai than we have speaking a language that we understand.
We both are around 50 and working in the field of mental health, training and councelling and I am also an orthopedic surgeon. So if anybody has a problem with his joints, spine or "soul" it could be worth having a chat with us - or just making friends  :cheers: .

Thank you for contact and exchange

Reinald & Suzana

Hi Reinald & Suzana,
Welcome to Shanghai and wish you a memorable stay in the years to come.

I am from Singapore and in the same generation as you  :D
Contact me if you feel like coming out for coffee/lunch, join me in social events, or require any help to settle down. (my wife has joint problems; maybe she may want to seek your professional advise someday  :) )

My contact details are in the Profile (it will be block in this public message); feel free to contact me when you are free. My schedules are quite flexible.


Hello Jeff

How nice that you answered  ;)

In the moment we are quite in stress, but it is good to know that there is somebody to talk to.
How long are you already staying in Shanghai? Do you have family here? What profession are you in ? Where are you living?
If too many questions, just ignore. Gathering information is in the moment the only activity we can do in Shanghai to get settled  :top:

kind regards

Reinald & Suzana

Hi Reinald & Suzana,
I have been here for 2 years but my wife & daughter has been here for 4. We are now living in Pudong (metro Line 2, near the river). I am a financial services adviser (offshore savings/investments, health & life insurance, etc...).

Besides lunch+Pools/Foosball, I am checking information and plan to start a badminton game group, maybe at the clubhouse where I am now living.  Do you like badminton? 

I'll keep you in the loop if you are interested  :)


Always fun to meet new people.


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I left my contact info, but it was blocked. I am not sure why?? or how we can add as friends???

I am Marc, i am french and i just arrived in Shanghai for work. My wife and three month old daughter will arrive in october and i am looking for people to discuss and go out walking.
Would you be interested ?

Welcome to SH!! There are many French here. You will not be lonely.

Suggest also,

Hello Reinald & Suzana,

Welcome to Shanghai. I have been here since last 2 months and  fimilier with many places. I'm staying in Pudong near German Center.  ***

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Hi Marc,
Try for your daughter.
Download wechat as well as almost everything happens through that messenger.



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Welcome guys! Hope you have adapted to living here!

Welcome to Shanghai! I am an urologist at Worldpath Clinic International. I have stayed in U.S. for fourteen years for medical research and clinical training. Maybe we can get together for coffee or tea some time.***

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hiya guys. I move to shanghai four months  ago. would like to meet some new friends hanging out add me


Wechat id - ***

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Hi , I am from Canada-Ottawa. Coming down to work in Shanghai on Thursday 12 jan.
WeChat Rocky-Canada

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