Looking to meet new people / join expat groups

Hi there,

I am moving to Shanghai in September for work for a year (never been before!) and looking to head to some expat intros, join a tennis club, join a gym and meet new people............

If anyone can recommend anything that would be great!


It depending where you live in Shanghai. There are lots of choices for gym you can choose!

Hi! I'm going to live in shanghai on September too. Have you already found the house ?

Hello! Good luck with your move!
A great group to be involved in is called girls gone international. They have subgroups depending on what you're interested in. It's been super helpful to get to know the city and join in events. You can find them online, they're in cities worldwide.

Shanghai is booming with gyms so it just depends on what you're looking for. There are two companies that you can pay a set fee and try classes at gyms around the city. One is called Move Shanghai and the other is guava pass.

Before you move you'll want to download the app Wechat. That's the main way everyone communicates here, and oncecyiu set up your bank account here you use wechat to pay for everything from utility bills, cell phone, at restaurants, etc.

Thanks for your helpful information 😊😊😊

Apologies for the delay i have been away with work, thanks for much for the advice!  I will be arriving soon so will definitely check these things out.... :)

Hey ,
I am currently living in SH . I am a recruiter therefore in here both for networking and socializing . Feel free to drop me a line .


My name is Chris, I am an American English teacher who is currently living in Shanghai.

There is a gym I go to called Physical, it's an international chain from Hong Kong. The branch I frequent is located in a Raffles City shopping mall at the corner of Xizang road and Fuzhou road. I've seen It's passably clean and has locker rooms, a swimming pool, treadmills, weight lifting equipment, yoga rooms, punching bags and even a small boxing ring.

However, DO NOT HIRE ONE OF THOSE MALE PERSONAL TRAINERS. I've seen some of them get...shall we say...a little too touchy with the female patrons. In fact stay away from the female personal trainers as well, the personal trainer service is very pricey and is often forced onto you if you are a new member.

Anyway if you are still interested in Physical, it's open every day from 6 am to 10 pm. The monthly fee is about 500 RMB, sometimes they do a 700 RMB for 2 months promotion. INSIST THAT THE "INITIATION FEE" BE WAIVED, you may have to negotiate with the staff.

Good luck.

There are many wechat groups that have foregners that talk about their life, or you can download a meetup app to join some events that they do thus meet new ppl.

Sent me a message and I shall add you to some of the groups

Hi how are you? i saw that you have some expat wechat group where foreigners speak about their life here in sh would you mind adding me to some group?

Hi Louiser,

I used to travel to Shanghai quite often, and it's like one hour from Taiwan! So let me know if you wanna visit Taiwan and I can take you river tracing and the "real" fun stuffs , we have lots of wild hot springs and incredible stuffs here


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May I know is it wechat group? How to add that group?

Add me and I will add you to the groups I am

Looking for a new apartment and I need to be unblocked :( I copied and pasted too many "I'm interested" on people's apartments haha

Will be in Shanghai soon would be nice to meet some cool people. Also interested joining some interesting wechat groups.

Hi there. I'm Anna. Coming from Bulgaria. Currently living in shanghai. Looking for new friends)

New in Shanghai. Looking for new friends. Come from Bulgaria.

Hi. I’m looking to meet new friend and Chinese who can speak English.

Hi there. I am a Beijing native. Lived in Shanghai for a few months. Studied in the UK for many years. Looking for new expat friends. Can go to events and do translations.

Been here about three months so not sure how much help I could be, but heard about some of the expat wechat groups... how do I go about joining them. Would love to meet other fams with young ones

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