when God said 'Thy shall not Kill!' he meant it!

Justin. No, that's not quite true. The Ten commandments invented by the priests of the Israelites (and attributed to their tribal god, naturally) applied only within the tribe - NOT to outsiders. THAT was the tribe's justification for the slaughters so relished by the composers of the OT. Regrettably, that distinction still applies today in our Western nations and cultures. It's OK to slaughter those whom our political leaders identify as our tribes' enemies, but not to kill any of our own tribe. That's why political leaders happily bomb Afghan villagers by the score, ripping arms and legs off with abandon, and torturing survivors, while forbidding the same crimes within our communities - and incidentally bending over backwards not to impose "the death penalty" on their (the leaders') own citizens.

I'm glad we agree that racism and tribalism are pretty much the same thing.

Hi Gordon

Thank you for your reply.

It seems we have met with a impasse, a little deadlock. Because you believe that the Ten Commandments were invented by man...In this case, your argument of the Justification for the slaughters will merit consideration. But the opposite being true in my case, that I believe the Ten commandments was written by God, when he performed many miracles at the time of the Hebrews, but of course not now, since it doesn't merit it any longer, as mentioned before, the Jews are no longer the Chosen Nation, their house was abandoned to them.


If God did write the Ten Commandments, it will make sense, that if anyone broke the Ten Commandments and did not follow it, then there would be severe consequences by God, and not by man, as the example I gave last time. We both agree to be honest, that God's destruction is more controlled than mans. He does not kill innocent people, Man does! He gives warnings before executing judgement, Man does not, Man kills indiscriminately. Whereas, God of the bible, killed those who came up against the Isrealites, so that they would dwell in peace.

If the Ten Commandments were written by Man, because perhaps, one says, that bible is written my man...Then yes, Men can dictate who to kill, it makes it easier for man to not be indiscriminate.

How do we know God wrote the bible? Was it literal? Or inspired? Like a Secretary & a boss, the boss dictates, the Secretary writes it down, man was God's Secretary, but it was all God's thoughts....Like when Jesus said, 'The Meek shall inherit the Earth',

Great Link to some of the important questions about the bible & it's Authenticity, my favorite questions being:
Are There Contradictions in the Bible?
Does Science Agree With the Bible?

Is the Bible a Book of Human Wisdom?
Is the Bible From God?
Is the Bible a White Mans Book?
Did Moses Write the Bible?
Can Anyone Know Who Really Wrote the Bible?
What Are the Keys to Understanding the Bible?
Are There Contradictions in the Bible?
Does Science Agree With the Bible?

Let me know what you think, It's great reading opinion, because to be honest, we are all looking for solutions. The news upsets me so much, I can't look at it much anymore. We want a solution, to man's problems, but, looking to man, it won't help, as man does not want to solve their own problems, it's just getting worse. But if we look to God for the Solution, perhaps we may stand a chance?

Yes we do agree that Racism & Tribalism is pretty the same....Thanks for your input, it's lovely to hear from you.

Who wrote the Bible? … the-bible/

The Bible was written by man. It is man's creation. Anyone who thinks otherwise suffers from self-delusion.

Justin. Who wrote the Bible is way too much off-topic for this Recism thread. You can start another thread, if you want.

Equating racism and tribalism is ON-topic, though, because "tribal" prejudices (which encompass national and some cultural prejudices) are lumped in with racial prejudice by the laws of many Western countries. Think of placards reading Whites Only, No Mexicans, No Arabs... All those would be prosecuted under anti-racism laws, in some countries.

The word race itself has several connotations. There's the human race, the Caucasian race, the Nordic race, the Jewish race, and so on and on. But there's actually no black race or white race or Christian race. Racism has come to mean prejudice of any kind, for practical purposes.

I believe Racism is alive and well unfortunately .
I also believe it is widespread where there is a low level of education. When I say education I don't mean education in a formal sense.
Any brief knowledge of history will prove that most wars were based on a type of racism

I love that. I pray the all world live a free racism communities.

i m afraid to say, Gulf countries have worst discrimination against poverty.

Interesting....I read a place saying Dubai is really very nice,and been one of the Best places with so many nationalities in the city,this is so true,well maybe because of your nationality .I would say that Dubai is very sexy in this areas,cos its a tourism ground with so many nationalities viewing but not also as it seems.
Here you get to see preferences for people needed for jobs,and some out rightly write it,no blacks,that's refusing any effort they can be good at,and ask for Russians,indians or Filipino,well I dunno if its exactly being termed as a racial stuff but it hurts, I have been lucky though,because I have been daring to even go for such walk in interviews ,and maybe my good english and carriage has helped but the truth is,many face this,I also had the moment to live outside Dubai,I was thot to be a prostitute when I jog at nite or dress up the way I used to in dubai,but all this doesn't scare me,its still a Good place if I would rate it,am used to the stares in the far city of ajman where its mainly where the locals live,surviving here is ok,if you behave like them,only in the terms of jobs do I see greater clause,no race is perfect,just as stated that the visions and thots of people are be clouded cos of whatever other nationalities like us have done,but its always so good to always be positive,cos we might loose the best of people when our minds are fractioned like this.

Being from the USA I've experienced it first hand...Why I have no idea people think negative so much...I keep hoping one day we can all (All Nations) can live in peace and harmony...


Racism  exists in every society just as every society has members who refuse to engage in it.

no i dont feel Racism in my country
india is beautiful and its culture is so diverse..
different color cast religion people's lives here

True Gordon, written by man, inspired by God or else how would they have known the many things foretold without some supernatural insight. Man has certain gifts that reflect God, as he said 'let us make man in our image', but he never created man to destroy themselves! There were clear guidelines for man to follow to stop them killing themselves. If man obeyed these rules, it was simple! Life would be much better than it is. It's man to be blamed not God. He gave us rules to,live by, man keeps breaking those rules. Now it's time for a clean out! One Rule, One Government, One Law! This makes for peace.

i am against all racisme

I've just had a chat to a rather pleasant Indian lady from Singapore who suffered racism as a child.
It strikes me, if someone can be nasty to such a nice person, they're nothing short of bloody idiots.

Never faced a racist incident before.. i guess its all about how you talk and deal with other people

Racism I'd only in mind. Feel free and open mind, you will be integrated.

Joe140 :

Never faced a racist incident before.. i guess its all about how you talk and deal with other people

Not in general.
It's very much about how people treat you.

As a white dude in a mostly brown country, I have had racist comment.
Oddly, the majority are positive (in the extreme), sometimes as if I'm some sort of minor god, or a film star (Is there much difference?).
People want to take a selfie with me, or get their mates to hold the camera - it's very hard to get used to.
However, there is a little bit of negative - One idiot assumed I was a non believing dog, just because my skin is white.

I'd love to know how he could tell my religious beliefs and ideals from my skin colour.
A couple of days ago, an Indian lady told me how she'd experienced racism because of her brown skin.
I see it this way - she might well have a brown skin, but the racists are stupid.
Given the choice, I'd far sooner have the brown skin.

Stay in pain will give an idea how others are suffering. In Africa, lots of pain and suffering.

i never suffer from or face any racism in my country

abdelrahman55 :

i never suffer from or face any racism in my country

Maybe because you are from Egypt and living in Cairo ?

Wow.. is that bad about Japan? I never know it till now.. thanks for the tips

"Racism" has so many different meanings, these days. In my observation it's often mis-applied to national prejudice, and religious prejudice. Here in my Caribbean island, it's used (as often as not) to mean ethnic prejudice  - anti-native-Caymanian or anti-foreigner, even when there is no racial difference. Very misleading.

In my country, rasicm always exist especially in workplace. There are 3 races in my country malay, chinese & indian . If one of these group be a boss in a company they would try to make their race to be promote .

Other aspects of the issue....

Yeah - I couldn't get past the 2.30 mark, El. My hand began hovering over the STOP button when the speaker accused "the Left" of being to blame. That's an extremely divisive term, and betrays a prejudice that pretty much closes the door on any reasoned discussion.

It depends on one's patience I suppose...
I have from a very young age not believed that there is a god. Yet a YouTuber, SGTreport who I have often listened to brought a contribution entitled “GOD IS REAL”. I listened to his discussion with another person from beginning to end giving him the opportunity to show to me that I was uninformed. Good thing I wasn’t tripped up by a single word about 2 min. into the video.

Here's an interesting report about the English custom of having its "Morris dancers" (mummers) put on blackface. The word "Morris" is a corruption of "Moors", the North Africans of centuries ago. This kind of  "blackface" thing is harmless, in my opinion, though many people might disagree. When I was young, "black and white minstrel shows" were common on TV; and in my father's time professional singers used to put on black make-up when singing what were then called Negro songs. I see nothing objectionable in any of that - as long as it's not meant offensively, or even patronisingly. For me, the term "racism" should be reserved for serious discrimination, including violence on people because of their race or colour.

Does anybody else here have an opinion on the Morris dancers, and similar?

Racism is offensive, but many things seen as racist are really nothing of the sort.
The black faces of morris dancers could equally be explained by the theory they disguised themselves in order to earn extra money, but neither possible explanation is intended in a bad way, so I don't see it as racist.
I've heard moans about this tradition being racist, but that just doesn't hold water as we don't even know where the tradition came from.

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