Canadian RN new Sidra !

Hi everyone!  Im a canadian RN with 4,5 years obstetrics experience who have been working in a teaching and research center.

Profco (agency recruitment) contact me a while ago  for a position at the new Sidra research center that will open I think in May 2016 and the interview will take place after the shortlist the 25 of february. 

Im a moroccan originaly but I ve been raised in canada I speak french english and arabic.

I am married but no kids, the agency told me that sidra offer the family contract  but my husband will have to join 6 to 8 weeks later is it possble for him to come with me as visitor first incase there is complication with the family contract?.

I know its too soon  but would like to know some information about the contract like the salary and benefits is it worth it knowing that life in  qatar is expensive.

Any tips for the interview .
Thank you

That is not a problem if your husband is Canadian.
However Sidra might not pay for the extra hotel costs if the housing is not yet ready.
Make sure you have all of the required documents and that they are certified by the Canadian Office of Foreign Affairs and the Qatar embassy in Ottawa.
These are,  at a minimum, your diploma, marriage certificate, your husband diploma, RCMP certificates for both of you  and maybe others you should check with Sidra.
Good luck.

Thank you for the reply !!!

Hello Zahra,

Sidra salaries are known to be very good. Apart from your basic salary, you, normally, will have the right to many other allowances. So be optimistic.

Sidra is downsizing now and has been known in the past to put applicants through therecruiting process and then withdraw offers. Do you have an official offer letter? If not hang onto your current employment and home until and unless you get one. An engineer friend says their facility does not meet code and won't be able to do so for rears. They are already 5 or 6 years behind.

Does anyone know if the Sidra Outpatient clinic is still scheduled to open May 1?

No one is sure of that. Sidra was supposed to oficially start working in 2012. However, till today nothing of that happened. Let's wait and see.

Zahraab how did your interview go? Did you get an offer?

The Sidra Outpatient Clinic did indeed open May 1 as scheduled. My wife joined the staff at Sidra Outpatient and loves it there. She has been living in Doha for almost 2 weeks now. She loves the city, the people, and her new apartment provided by Sidra. It is all as promised and more. I am looking forward to joining her as soon as my visa is approved.

So exciting. Hope to join Sidra very soon too!

Is yout wife at the pediatric clinic?
I am waiting to relocate there soon frim US.


My wife is working in the "Out-Patient Clinic".

Good luck with your transition to Sidra.

How long did it took her to get work visa  after turning in all documents needed?

what you like to know then ?

The procss, the waiting time for Visa and how it all goes. I hqve turned all needed documents and hire request mid April. So I am sitti g and waiting!!


This process take time
some time long and some time short its depend for documents work
so you have to wait for final conformation any way

quadrant7 :

The Sidra Outpatient Clinic did indeed open May 1 as scheduled. My wife joined the staff at Sidra Outpatient and loves it there. She has been living in Doha for almost 2 weeks now. She loves the city, the people, and her new apartment provided by Sidra. It is all as promised and more. I am looking forward to joining her as soon as my visa is approved.

how is your wife finding the job? i start in the new year and was wondering if she could answer some questions for me?


Hello, sorry for the delayed response. If you send me your questions, I will pass them on to my wife. She is not a member of this site.

Hey it's ok.

I was wondering how she is finding it? What the role really entails. It's a been a bit fuzzy from the team and I am joining in a few months.

Also where is the accommodation provided located at?

Hope you're enjoying Qatar!

Many thanks for your help.

I remember we were not told much from the recruiters so I understand your curiosity and am happy to answer your questions from what I know.  Now that the worst of the summer heat is almost over we are starting to enjoy the weather more. As you may know, Sidra has still not yet opened yet so they opened the Sidra Out Patient Clinic for now, but only partially. Kathy says that since the OPC is not fully open, most of her work is computer or training related to prepare for the full opening. She is a respiratory therapist and has started to work a few days a week at Hamad to keep her still sharp.
We are living at:Al Rayyan Complex
It is a 2 bedroom apartment. It is very nice with a great pool and some shops inside the clubhouse. Hopefully they will place you here.

What position will you be assigned to at Sidra?

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I have been posted to the outpatients. I am originally a paeds cardiac and resp nurse so will m be based on the wards when it does eventually open! I know it's temp until the full hospital opens. I was getting worried as I was struggling to find someone who could confirm the outpatients was open!

Did you manage to make it out there yet? My husband is still waiting on his visa.

Thanks so much for replying your insight has really helped and put me slightly at ease


Yes I, and my wife are both in Doha now.  She went over in April, I followed in late June as soon as my visa was approved. If you both enjoy traveling, you should like it here as it seems like a working vacation type atmosphere. There are many things that dont make sense and can be frustrating, but if those kind to things dont bother you, you will be fine. It helps to have friends here so hopefully we can all meet up after you get here. Keep me posted on your timeline. Good luck!


oddly enough, they have high turn over. People are getting laid off more so, just count your blessings, nothing is guaranteed here.

Hi Sir.. Im sheng, I would like to humbly ask you on how did your wife applied at sidra? Did she applied directly or under recruitment agency? I am considering working at sidra but I dont know how and where to start.. I am a filipino and currently working at operating theater..
Thank you and hoping for you response

Hello sheng,

My wife used a recruitment agency to get her job at Sidra.
I wish you good luck in your efforts.

Good day everyone!
I am a nurse here in the Philippines. And I have an application in Sidra. I have done with my medical exams. Unfortunately, my PPD Test yields POSITIVE result.
Tuberculosis is known to be highly endemic in my country. And I am working in a healthcare facility, so I am exposed to this disease.
I know that PPD Test tells  you're exposure to Tuberculosis, and it doesn't mean that you have the disease.
By the way, my Chest Xray result is NEGATIVE.
My questions and concerns are: will it affects my application in Sidra? Will it be a hindrance to my dream to work in Sidra and Qatar? Can Sidra still consider my application?

Please help me. It bothers me so much. I really do want to work to Sidra.


They were very strict with me. I had the gold test. They said they would treat me and retest if I had it. I think you will then go when you get the all clear.

You mean you had a positive ppd as well?
I hope they would give me a chance..

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