In need of a Moroccan lawyer or someone who knows Moudawana?

Salam alaikum everyone,

I am in need of someone who is either a lawyer or knows the Moroccan law-specifically family law ( Moudawana).

Thanks in advance,
Jzkallaho khairan :)



Hi Ayoush,

Maybe try to get in touch with the lawyers listed in the Lawyers in Morocco section of the business directory to inquire.

All the best

Hi Ayoush, what do you need to know exactly?

I need a lawyer who specialized in family law to  write a marriage contract for me.

Muslim Marriage contracts cannot be drafted by the interested parties or third parties, it can only be drafted by the Notary called "Adoul" .

Wsalaam ask the court they should know someone

welcome if you need lawyer contacte me i know a women lawyer can help you

Where are you living in Morocco !?


I am in need of a good lawyer in Tangier morro cco.. Please
Kindly advise me... Or send me details


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