Considering a move to Nha Trang in 2017

I am a semi retired Management Consultant with plans to live abroad. I can't explain why I chose Viet Nam but perhaps it is my experience with Vietnamese people I have met in Canada as well as the cost of living in Canada that has made it difficult to enjoy my former way of life. I am single at sixty seven years of age and I am in excellent health.

I am excited at the prospect and have done some research but have to do more. I would like to find work if it is available in order to keep busy and learn the culture and language faster. My plan is to learn the language before I leave. I will vacation there for a month or two before moving permanently. I can only reside outside Canada for 6 months and must return in order to maintain my Canada Pension and Old Age Security.

I am very interested in meeting expats from Canada or the U.S. since we have similar interests and ways of living. Thank you in advance to anyone who will take time to give me information that I can begin to assemble so that I can make a better decision. I have forty years of retail experience and hope to find a job consulting or perhaps even working in the Home Furnishings Industry if it exists.

There are some Canadians living in Nha Trang. You can meet them in the evening at the popular bars.  There is very little work available for expats in Nha Trang.  Some furniture for export is manufactured outside Nha Trang, but I can't tell you where.  Once you see the total rubbish sold as furniture around Nha Trang, you will not want to ever sell it as a job.

You will find learning Vietnamese a major challenge, unless you have already learnt a tonal language. It is most likely you will not be able to hear the tones and therefore not be able to reproduce them. This is quite normal once we get past 45-odd years of age. So just do your best without tones and, if you speak slowly enough and clearly enough, most people will still be able to understand you. If you have any questions while  learning Vietnamese, ask me via a PM.  I should be able to help you.  Good luck.

If you want to find a job in nha trang, i think work at tour operators is comfortable for you, you can consult for your countryman. You can consider a real estate broker maybe, the foreigner can own their home at Vietnam.
If you need moreinformations aboutNha Trang, pm me, it's my hometown.
Good luck

Nha Trang is a good choice to live. With your such experience, you can do many jobs in NHa Trang. You can work as a English teacher for English centres, schools. Setting up your own business with your experience is not difficultn in VIetnam.

I would look outside of just Americans and Canadians, you may want to expand your nationalities.

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