hello - just moved to kuwait city - looking for friend

My name is Steve kanjo I just moved to kuwait city.. I am trying to know nice and kind people here and make friends.. anyone interested let me know and message me please. Thank you

you are welcome steve


you are welcome steve


Welcome to the site, could you introduce yourself please?  Are you currently in Kuwait?


Romaniac Experts Team

hello I hope all goes well with you I m houda from Tunisia, I am here in Kuwait for 3 months and I work in the finance section of carreffour

Welcome to kuwait.

Welcome to Kuwait!  :)

Hey bud,

welcome to Kuwait, I just moved to Kuwait as well. Not much to do here though my friends and I usually just hang out on weekends play pool you are welcome to join

Welcome to Kuwait  :cheers:

i'm currently  in canada but i plan to come and live in kowait i need to have freinds

Hi Meryane,

I'm moving to Kuwait in 3 weeks from London, a big change!  Drop me a line when you arrive & we can grab a coffee.

Good Luck with the move!


Hi Meryane and Kate433 contact me if you need any help  in Kuwait

Good Luck with the move girls  :)

Dear Steve,
the same for me, just arrived yesterday in kuwait city....alone , French, would like to meet new friends here to share the life and good time. Thanks

bonsoir et vous etes le bien venu


bonsoir et vous etes le bien venu

Hi, could you stick to English in this section, please.
If you prefer French, click on the flag top right of the page.

Hi Houda, thanks so much. Up to you to practice your french too. Do you live in Kuwait city??? if one day , you are available to join to drink a coffe, please let me know.

okk my friend

Also me i'm here alon in Kuwait  :sosad:  and i want to meet a good friends welcome on board

hhhhhhh welcome Laurent

Hi all, hope you all are doing good. I'm just 1 month old in Kuwait. Would love to meet new friends. I was in UAE for 8 years and 1 year in Qatar and now here.


I'm new to Kuwait too, getting bored :-(

Hi Gem hope you are doing good. I'm just a month old in Kuwait, how about you. Let me know if any social gatherings around. Welcome to Kuwait ! Take care.

Hi everybody
Just moved in Kuwait
Wanna meet friends ( french or foreign people )
women only

Take care !


Brilliant! Would be good to meet up sometime. I'm British.
What you doing here?

Hi Gem, I work for for a multinational company here in Kuwait. What do u do, I'm Indian by the ways. Yeh Would love love meet up.

Tu te plais au Koweit pour le moment ?

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