Lady driving teacher required

Hi friends,

  Can anyone help me to get a lady driving teacher to get manual license? I hear that some take money and they never be punctual.I want a reliable person as I'm urgently in need of license.

okay where do u live i can give you contacts...

Thank you for your response. I live in Azaiba

once i got the information..ill let you know about all what you need..
dont worry

Hi, The earlier the better. I know to drive but i need license from Oman

have u got any information yet?

hi dear Laila you can call with this number
24536348 muscat driving school
have nice time


Hi sarath!

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Hi everybody,

Is there anybody to help somebody as I'm nobody

Hi Laila, let me know in PM if you got any news regarding your request, I may have something for you.


Hi... Laila...

I can advise you of one good driver ..... he can help you I think.... But he has got only auto.... He is a nice guy ....

haiiiiiiii rizwanaaaaa,

its better u can make use of lady driving  school? lot of school is available in muscat?



surely? give me some time  now am duty?okkkkkkkkkkkk


haiiiiiii rizwan,

am appreciated ur timely follow up?


I need a lady driver also...can anybody recommend for me?plzzzzz

haiiiiii raziaaaa,

surely i will let u know da driving school no & am duty & later.okkkkkkkkkkkk..


haiiiiiii rizwaniiiiiii,

u got driver teacher?


hi laila ,
i do live in azaiba & looking for lady driver who can teach me driving i no driving but i need licence for oman
if you have got reliable instructer kindly forward me too

Finding a "Reliable" driving instructor in Oman is a hard nut to crack, however indeed they're available somehow. I would suggest you to look around in your existing & known friend circle for a trusted trainer.
Else, you may contact a driving school for the purpose. I would recommend you to carefully agree with the Terms and conditions with the institute before undergoing an agreement.

Looking for Lady driving instructor I am living in Ruwi area.
Please suggest... :)

Hi,can anyone help me to find lady driving  teacher at ruwi .its very  urgent

vinaya rajeev.m :

Hi,can anyone help me to find lady driving  teacher at ruwi .its very  urgent

If you're using facebook, there is a separate community page, specifically with the contact details and informations on the driving trainers (Male / Females). You can just join the community and im sure you'll get loads of available options.

:)Hello FRIENDS ,
it would b a gr8 help if some 1 help me to find driving teacher (auto) wadi kabir area.


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