I would like to hear from any other people that have done a move

not in Kharkiv yet, I have the most Beautiful woman in the world waiting for me there,
she has agreed to marry me, and as I have nothing to keep me in England I would like to move to the Ukraine,
She does  not worry where he lives, but her family are all there, so it really is a no brainer as far as I am concerned.
I would like to hear from any other people that have done a move like this,
thank you

Hello Grahm,

Welcome on board  :)

This new thread on the Kharkiv forum has been created so that you may easily get some feedbacks from members.

Wish you all the best

I made such a move 10 years ago. How can I advise you?

I made the move over two years ago to Kharkiv.  It has been interesting.  Let us know what information you would like to know.

Doing the same move in March, coming from Michigan in the US.  Have been to Kharkiv half dozen times but still looking for sound advice.  Have a temporary apartment set for 3 months in the center of the city off Ivanova.  Need advice as to best areas to look for an apartment on a permanent basis.


Doing  the same move in March for the same reasons.  Coming from the US, maybe we can hook up and avoid making the same mistakes. 


Thom and Graham, getting a temporary apartment near the center of the city is fine.  It is safe in the city center.  All is calm in the city, but beware of upfront fees and deposits with no receipts.  Let me know when you and Graham are in town, if I have time we will meet up.  I have to travel to Asia soon for business but I will be returning several times during the month.



Thanks for the reply, will be in Kharkov around the 20th or so of March, would really like to meet up and get some sound advice. 

Appreciate it..


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