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I have a question for people living in South America, more likely in Colombia. My friend and I want to visit (summer 2017) and improving our Spanish. We thought about an exchange, volunteering.. but it is very expensive! Our preferred destination would be Cartagena in Colombia.

We then thought about backpacking and "working under-table" for like farms, restaurants, etc. during like 1 week at different places.

My question is; is it doable? Do you think we could easily find small paid jobs for a week without a work visa?

We thought about couchsurfing too.

Any suggestions are welcome. (I also speak French)

Thank you :)

Je crois que vous allez recevoir la remarque classique qu 'ici c'est la partie du forum en français. Si vous n'avez pas de moyens de locomotion propre, oubliez les fermes parce que ellrs ne sont oas tout près du centre de Cartagena

Bonnes recherches tout de même et plein de succès pour votre projet

Hello everyone,

@ Sabrina, your thread is now on the anglophone Colombia forum which best suits your post.

All the very best

Where would you be coming from?

From Canada. Et pardon je ne savais pas si c'était en Francais ou Anglais

Sorry i didn't know if the forum was in French or English

check out

Hello Bhavna,

You are in Colombia or other South American country?



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