Moving to Zanzibar with our dog!

Hello everybody!

Could you please help me with my request?

We will need to have an official permit/document from the Zanzibar administration to get our dog "Carlito"
(Boarder Collie/Australian Shepherd, male, 8 years old, vaccinated & chipped with Swiss animal passport) from Morocco to Zanzibar by airplane (Qatar Airways from Casablanca via Doha to Zanzibar directly on March 14th). Without that permit no exit, unfortunately...

Thanks for any information as quickly as possible!

Lovely greetings,
Nicole Pavlin

No, you dont need anything from Zanzibar. Only your dog needs passport and vacination in it. If you need more info I can send to you I brought dog from Poland 2 month ago.


Thank you very much for your response!

It's the flight company Qatar Airways they ask me for an authorization of the administration in Zanzibar, unfortunately...

But I'm in contact with them now - so, hopefully everything will go fine:-)

Lovely greetings from Morocco & thanks again for your help,

That's right guys...Nicole & Pavlinova, please Pavlinova share with us here on whatsoever will be the aftermath of your issue which is currently under processing for our further informed knowledge on rellocating animals to Tanzania (Zanzibar). Thank you, Bahati, Morogoro, Tanzania

I would love to know how you did it? Also, trying to do the same thing. Is it easier to fly to Dar and do import there or did you manage to get straight to Zanzibar? If you have the form or a vet contact in Zanzibar that would be great?


Hi! Can you tell us how you did it? Which airline did u use? Thank!


I have not gone yet, I leave on 1st Nov, but I think everything will be fine. I booked with Meridiana from Milan, direct flight, dog only 100 euros extra. Otherwise I'd suggest KLM, only 200 euros for the dog, but I did not want the dog to have 2 stopovers. Let's hope there will be no delays!

I am organising the import and export papers with Zaaso vets on Zanzibar, so far they are amazing, extremely helpful: zaasokianga[at]

I got the blood titer done in France before leaving as I am going for less than 3 months.

All the best,


Hi Sophie!
Our dogs will come from Milan as well. Can you write me how was the trip when your dog arrives?
Also I wanted to know what is your vets from zanzibar doing for you... I thought the dogs would only need (besides microchip, rabbies vaccine and passaport) the export permit from Italy...
Thanks a lot,

Clari, I think they need an import paper from Zanzibar Ministry of Livestock, the vet on Zanzibar can organise it easily. I will let you know how it goes. :)

Dear, we are moving to Zanzibar too on the end of October or beginning of November, a bit stuck in the moment with export licence, how we can get it? Some it the same email I can use for the same? How much it will cost?
Because we are moving from Cairo..
Thank you in advance!

Dear all,

I need your help about our animals' transport. Me and my wife will move for 3 years from Istanbul to Zanzibar and we'll bring our cat and dog. I couldn't find any official website about permissions or other documents. I already wrote to (hope they will answer),
2-tanzania immigration service department,
3-Zanzibar ministry of Livestock and Fisheries
But there is no answer yet :(

Could you please inform me, how did you import your pets? Our dog is 6 years old, Cocker spaniel , female, vaccinated & chipped with Turkish animal passport. Our Cat is 2 years old, male, vaccinated & chipped with Turkish animal passport.

Thanks in advance. Regards.

Zaaso should reply, did you use this email: ***

They are the best!

The locals do not like dogs.  Don't leave the dog alone without a guard and don't let it touch the locals.

Enjoy your time!


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Dear Sophie,

Thank your for your quick respond and advices about the locals. I wrote to Zasoo with that e-mail as you mentioned and waiting for reply. If I cannot get an answer, I know a local person in Zanzibar and request him to visit them in their office. I hope it works.


Dear everyone. I am a dog owner here In Zanzibar and I think I Can be of some assistance. Please send me your e-mail and I can talk to one senior vet which is also a friend of mine.

Kind regards from Jakob

Dear Jakob, thank you for your help. Zaaso prepared our documents with related Institute. Thanks again to them :) And we've arrived with Turkish Airlines at 05:00 am and nobody asked anything. We just passed from the gate.
And it'd be great if you share or send the vet's contacts thus we have a cat and a dog and we have no vet here. Thanks again :)

Hello Dorotak, can you give us info about the next questions:
Can we fly with our dog direct to Zanzibar with the papers or we have to fly to Dar es Salaam ?? Because from Frankfurt are direct flights to Zanzibar.
Do we need the health certificate WITH legalised stamps ???
Will the ferry company take dogs on their boat ???
Thanks a lot !!
Greetings Peter

Hi Peter, did you already fly or still waiting for reply?

I'm still waiting for an answer from somebody.

Hello all,

I wrote to Zaaso, but no reply yet. Is there any number I could call?

I will be travelling to Zanzibar in a month and would like to get the paperwork done to take my dog along. Is that enough time?



Doctor Rama is the guy who prepares the entrance documents for the pets and he works for the government. You can write WhatsApp to him. ‭***‬ He is very helpful. But also you need to pay a little money for the documents.
Hope to fly safe.

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Thank you very much! I'm already in touch with him :)

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