Formalities to bring your pet in Tanzania

Hi all,

What are the formalities and paperwork required to bring your pet in Tanzania?

How long do formalities & paperwork usually take in Tanzania?

What are the relevant authorities to contact?

Which vaccines are compulsory? Do your pets have to go in quarantine at their arrival in Tanzania?

Which advice would you give to the ones who would like to move with a dog, a cat or any other pet?

Thanks in advance for participating :)

The easiest way is to contact a vet in TZ and acquire the import permit through them.

These are a few things that you will need to fax them.

You will need a copy of rabies and DHLP vaccination records, vaccinations done not more than 11 months before and not less than 6 weeks before.

Details of the dog: Name, breed, sex, age, colour

Details of flight he/she will be on, arriving KIA?
Your contact details in TZ.

The vet that you have contacted will need 2 days to organize import permit.

The import fee for the form is either 10 usd or 10,000 tzs, I can't remember.

We also traveled with a health certificate form that we got from the vet in the U.S. before we flew. It is a basic form saying the dog is healthy enough to travel. It was not an international form, it was the same as if we were flying from state to state.

There is no quarantine of the pet imported.
Customs will ask you the value of your dog.

Advice: Bring all pet supplies with you such as: Fontline flea and tick treatment, dog brushes, special shampoos, hair clippers, etc.

Thanks for your contribution Bonnie TZ ;)


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Morning guys

Is this information still up to date?

Good Morning Swartse,

As far as I know, everything is still the same and up to date. All the information that you need listed above that is given to the vet is for them to arrange the import form for you

The vet that we used in Arusha scanned a copy of it for us and we brought the copy with us to show them at customs upon our arrival. Our friends that met us at the airport brought the original for us just in case we needed it, they picked it up from the vets office for us previously.

Another person that I gave this information to said that they contacted a vet in Dar and the vet met them at the airport with the permit and helped them in regards to bringing their cat here.

That was in Sept. 2011

Good Luck !

Oh and keep in mind that there are certain things that you need to do with the airline company, certain size crates and procedures that you have to follow with bringing your pet on the plane, so check with your airline in regards to that.

Dear Bonnie,

Thank you always for your great input with up to date information, helping others to settle into TZ.  While it's all so exciting, there are also all these things to take care of :)

May I kindly ask if you still have the details of your vet who assisted in Arusha? 

2 months ago I emailed you to say that we were on our way and just awaiting dates for my hubby to start his new position there, and I requested your little booklet :) I knew the time would come to bombard you with more questions, lol, It's finally happened and it's time to start planning our move and I can't wait to get there.  I promise I'll go easy on the questions, your booklet has been so helpful, Thank you! 

Look forward to hearing from you,
best regards always!

I wrote this a while back on another post, it may or may not have some of the same information as above.


We brought our miniature Schnauzer here from the U.S. and I could let you know how we did it. We just contacted the vet here in Arusha via e-mail.
Dr. Lieve Lynen, email[at]

She emailed us a scanned copy of the pet import permit, we printed it off, filled it out, scanned it back to her. She looked it over, printed it, signed it, and scanned it back to us with approval. (We also had to show her our dogs shot and health records.) We printed the form and showed it to customs at the airport and had no problems at all. We did have friends here pay her the import permit fee (I think it was around $10 usd) I could try to help you out if you need me to.

The only other form that we had was a travel form from our vet in the U.S. saying the dog as healthy enough to travel. It was a general form that they use for the dog to travel from state to state. (Some vets have no clue what a dog needs internationally, there is no special form for TZ, just the vet health check, and the import permit from a vet here)

Be aware that customs will want to charge you a big "duty" price, asking you how much your dog is worth. They then pretty much make up a percent on how much you should pay. This may be a few hundred USD, that you will need upon arrival at the airport. They do not corentine your dog or anything. They may try to intimidate you looking for a bribe, don't go for it.

Travel tip - it gets cold under the plane, maybe put a little sweater on your dog if you think your dog might get cold easily, freeze the water and it will slowly melt and be enough for the very long flight.

Check with the airline on all the requirements, also call them before you travel to see if you need to "register your dog" for under the plane. The airline we used wanted to know the exact crate measurements b/c they build special compartments under the plane for the animals.

Also if the dog has long hair or you are going to be grooming your dog - bring your own dog hair clippers, you can't get those here.
Also bringing your own front line flea/tick or heart worm meds with you is a good ideas as they are much more expensive here.

Hi Bonnie,

Please help! My husband and I will be moving to Tanzania in just 10 days. We are bringing our dog with us. We've obtained a health certificate from our local vet in the States, but I've read online that a pet import permit is required as well. Is this still accurate?

If so, I'm having extreme difficultly contacting a vet to obtain this permit. In the forums I've read, your posts seem to be the most informative on the subject. Is there any way you might be able to help us contact a vet and get this permit in time?

Thank you!

HI Guys,

Is this thread still alive? I have some questions regarding pet import to Tanzania.




Did you manage to import you pet to Tanzania? Could I please ask you for advice if you get this message?



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