Family Visa to Work Visa

Can anyone please update me regarding the following visa transfers is possible or not.

Family Visa (Permanent - Husband Sponsorship) to Work Visa
Work Visa to Family Visa (Permanent- Husband Sponsorship)

Is there any hindrances to facilitate a transfer between these 2 types of visa. At the moment my wife is offered with a job in muscat near to where I am working. I am thinking if I should bring her in my family visa and then transfer her to work visa . In that case is it possible to get her back under my sponsorship if she thinks of stopping work after sometime.

Hi hallow_ween86,

Visa transfers of any kind is disallowed, as per the law of the land.

If an expatriate wants change visas, cancelling the existing visa, exiting and reentering on the new visa is the allowed process.

Now with the new NOC rule amendments and allied complications, it would be better for you to check what is the latest on this issue through a company PRO, directly from the Ministries concerned.

Dear sir/Madam,

Currently am working in Oman Muscat and my visa valid till November 2017,  but now i have job offer in hand from UAE, if ask my current employer they will not give me exit because they say you have work for 2 years.

If i go on emergency leave in this month with exiting my current employment visa in Oman, do i face any problems to join my new UAE job..?????????????????!!!!!!!!!

Am planning to go in emergency leave and from India i am planning send my resignation.... Please suggest and please also make me aware that what are the problems am gonna face in this situation.....

Thank You...

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