Pet export: personal experience anyone?

Hello there!
I would appreciate if anyone shared their experiences about traveling with their pets OUT of KSA.  I know the procedure but was wondering if anyone ever looks at export permit? I brought my cat from the USA 6 months ago and now we are going back. Really don't want to go through the motions if this paper is not checked at the airport.
Thank you!

I used Pet relocation located in Austin  Texas to relocate my dog to and from Singapore. I plan to use them on my relocation to KSA.

They do all the paperwork, and they can do door to door service.



Contact P.I.N (pets in need) or Open Paws Jeddah on Facebook. Both groups have members that have relocated pets to the US....

I want to take my cat back with me to Malaysia. I read the procedure of taking pet out from KSA but i do not know how do I get the pet passport and microchip implant to my cat. Is there any personal or agent that I could hire to help me with it? Those open paws and PIN are they gonna help you with the whole process? Everything is in jiffy. I am leaving this december, i am so desperate for anyone to help me with the process of exporting pet out from KSA.

how can i take my cat to Philippines and how much does it cost me?

Nicolyte55 :

how can i take my cat to Philippines and how much does it cost me?

hi, i want to know that did you already brought your cat to philippines? because i want to bring mine also. can share us what are the procedures and the documents needed for travel?


Me too, i want to take My cats with me in the Philippines.. But i don't Know how to Start the procedure.. How to get Certificate and all..
All i Know was, at there is veterinary clinic that Process all the documents Even the Pass por.. but in My area.. I i dont Know...🙁

Hey everyone
I can help u out on this .
What u have to do is get all your paperwork in check from a vet clinic they process ur paper work and make a passport for the animal and do alot of checks on the animal its very costly but worth it .
In jeddah there is many clinics but most of them are expensive . If u need further information let me know

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