Formalities to bring your pet in Saudi Arabia

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What are the formalities and paperwork required to bring your pet in Saudi Arabia?

How long do formalities & paperwork usually take in Saudi Arabia?

What are the relevant authorities to contact?

Which vaccines are compulsory? Do your pets have to go in quarantine at their arrival in Saudi Arabia?

Which advice would you give to the ones who would like to move with a dog, a cat or any other pet?

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From the Saudi consulate website... also be advised that even with this information we were not able to jump through all the hoops in time and bring our cat.  It can be...challenging..

5. Authentication of Health Certificates For Pets
For those who are planning to work and reside in Saudi Arabia and wish to take their pets with them,
the following procedures should be followed:
. Obtain a veterinary Health Certificate
i. Must indicate that the pet was examined and has been vaccinated against all possible
diseases, and that it is in good condition.
a. Health certificate must be authenticated by the State Department Authentication Division
b. Health certificate must be certified by the Consular Section of the Royal Embassy of Saudi
Exotic and non domestic pets are not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia unless used for
government purposes.
c. All Dogs entering Saudi should be under one of these categories:
d. hunting,
e. guard,
f. seeing eye dogs.
Dangerous and aggressive dogs such as Rottweiler and Pitbulls are not allowed to
enter Saudi under any circumstances.
Fee: $8.00 company check or money

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I have read that in addition to the documents listed that an import permit is also required from KSA. 

My wife will be coming to KSA from the US in a few weeks and will be bringing our small dog (3 kg) and the dog will be allowed to travel with her in the cabin.  She has gotten the health certificate from the vet plus the USDA endorsement, however, I have also been reading that an import permit may be required and that is obtained in KSA. 

Does anyone know the exact steps needed to get the pet import permit and how long it takes?

There is lots of general information on various blogs, but nothing seems authoratative.

Check this link:

Thankyou for this link, very useful, but I cannot see how to contact the Jeddah Vet clinic. Any suggestions?:)

Wow, They haven't kept the no on the website.

you can try one of these I guess. … =3&SubID=8

Or contact Khobar vet, They can tell you about transport too. 038573079 and 0534401141.

By the way does any one know dog trainers in dammam side? I can't seem to find any.

Thanks for your help, I will give that a go. All the best.

you can also contact

Thankyou, onto it now! All the best and thanks for your kindness,


Not sure if you have this sorted, but I have found an excellent agent who will deal with all of this for you. Let me know if you need it!


Do tell even if the original poster doesn't need information anymore, So other people can know incase someone wants to get a pet.

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Just wondering if anyone knows the cost of the import permit.  How do we go about getting it?

We brought out cat with us.

Cats and dogs need to have a rabies shot, microchip, appropriate vacinations, and all documents must be stamped by the animal office in the country you are leaving from and the Saudi embassy in the country you are leaving from. You bring all these documents on the plane.

Dogs require a paper from the Saudi government and dogs must be marked as guard dogs no matter what type they are. Supposedly cats require the document too, but we came without it. No one at the Jeddah or Riyadh airports asked us for anything-- not even proof of vacinations. (Every situation in Saudi is different so try your best to cross your t's and dot your i's.)

I would not take that chance with a dog.

To get the import document you need contact the following vet group:

They will get you the document for a fee. We tried to contact many offices with the Saudi goverment (through phone, email, and fax in English and Arabic) with no response. This vet was happy to help.

Once you have all the reccomended documents stamped it is very easy to get your pet in.

Thank you.  I have put in a request with them and await their response.

My hometown...heard the Sheep River is high.

Xenolol :

(Every situation in Saudi is different so try your best to cross your t's and dot your i's.)

Every situation that is the same is different in Saudi lol

I hope everyone there is safe

I have contacted the vets via email with no luck.  Do we apply for the import permit once we are in SA?  Or do we apply in advance and it is sent to us?

You apply in advance.  My husband is over there now. I'll have him call the Khobar vet and ask them for a good email address.  Supposedly they're the best one to use for the import permit and even to act as your agent (making sure that all of the paperwork is correct, making sure that the Saudi customs agents at the cargo terminal actually accept the pet when it gets there, and assisting in your actually retrieving the pet from them. I'll let you know what they say!

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