New members of the Ireland forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Ireland forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Ireland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello, carlos here.
Just want to say that yes, Ireland is a place where I have always wanted to visit in long terms, hopefully I will adapt to the changes as I hear that the weather is one of the big ones. My plans are to live atleast a year there as soon as I finish college. So I'm giving this a head start and am seeking helpful tips on where or what to look first as an outsider. Anything at all would be most appreciated.
Ps. Thanks for the welcome

Hello Irelandies!
I am new here, although registered some time ago, dropped several posts.I am 47 y.o man, citizen of Uzbekistan,born in Tashkent.
I would like to move to Ireland, live and stay. Have no idea how to do that project come through,appreciate for the advice.

Hi there. I'm Sharon.😊 My husband and I are in the process of planning to relocate to beautiful Ireland from the US. We look forward to chatting with some of you. Of particular interest to us are social care/management positions as this is our field of work. Thanks.

Hi Sharon just read your message here,, I live herein ireland since the 80s and I love it so much as you said beautiful ireland. Living here compare to my homeland is a huge different. Social care is good and managerial jobs is depending where you work at. I had my own licenced & registered business run only myself and was a success until recession hit ireland.
Any query that I can assist you I'll be willing to with my own knowledge/ experienced.
Best of luck in your processing to come over.

Hi everyone!
I'm Melissa, 25, just moved to Ireland a bit over a month ago. I'm going to do my postgraduate degree here (I study social sciences with a specialization in racial and ethnic conflicts). So far I really love it here, Dublin is such a beautiful city and the Irish themselves are a true bliss. As a EU citizen the immigration process wasn't that hard, although getting all the supporting documents for the PPS number and to open a bank account was a bit tricky at first. Finding a flat from Dublin really isn't easy either.
I'm also writing a blog about my experiences as an expat in Ireland:

Hello to All.
I am a mature, but not yet dead American who has been a dual national for many years. Does an Irish passport help at all for expats settling in the Emerald Isle?

Hi there!  I'm Megan, I'm an American expat living in Dublin, Ireland, with my husband and three children.  We are here on his PhD visa.  We've had some hiccups here (non-EU citizens, and all) and there but we adore Ireland and I'm already hoping we manage work visas to stay on after my husband completes his degree.  My daughters and I maintain a blog (, as well (it's nothing much). 

Glad to have found this community!

I'm a happily divorced mum with two grown up children, two horses and a dog. I am moving to Co Mayo next month, all being well, eeeeeek!!! I've looked after the community in Cornwall for seven years and now I'm hoping to continue my work in and around my local area. I'm very excited about the move, but would welcome any advice anyone has to give.

I´m 23 year old student from Czech Republic. I just moved to Dublin a few days ago. I´m doing an Internship in Radio here. Before I studied at the University in Azores for half a year. I love travel and explore new places, people and cultures! I always go for new opportunity. That is why I am here. I didn´t have a time to see lots of Ireland and Dublin yet but I like it here! I like people, architecture and I hope as soon as possible I´ll see something from Irish nature. It´s quite difficult to find a flat here, but it´s not so hard to get a job.

Hi ther l am a 30 year old male moving to Dublin as of the 30th of September.currently looking for flat/house share. I am looking forward to my stay in Ireland

The Irish passport will GREATLY ease the way. It was the key element in our immigration process. My Registry of Foreign Birth citizenship certificate aroused great interest but was always meaningless in terms of meeting documentation requirements. No one knew what it meant.

The passport, though. Everyone accepted it. It was like an icebreaker in the Arctic in January. Get it. Bring it with you.


Hi All Dublin's expats,

My name is Aymen, I am french from Paris/France. I work as Senior Software Engineer in Dublin,I also studied a Master in Pisa/Italy. I like doing sports and traveling. I look for new friends in Dublin.


Hello everyone!
I'm Kishnu from Malaysia. Just moved to Ireland in Feb 2016 and looking to make friends over here. Currently working as a Quality Manager for a firm in Wicklow so yeah all is good! :)

My name is Vusi Nkosi, 30year old from South Africa

I am Nelson C.Wleh ,a 29yrs graduate of the university of Liberia where I obtained a Bachelor of Business(BBA) Administration in Accounting and Management. a Believer of the gospel of Jesus Christ and will be visiting Ireland this year December. I am kindly wish to meet Christians brothers and sister in fellowship there upon my arrival. I am also the founder of Association of Humanitarian Group a Non for profit Institution.

I had not made any expat project before and don't know much about it. will want to know much about it as times goes on.

Hi my name is Patricia. I am from South Africa and thinking of moving, with my son, to Ireland in 2017. I have been doing a lot of research about moving but need advice on Schooling for my son, he is in Grade 10 and obviously the big one, a job for myself.

I am Nelson from Liberia,coming to Ireland but will like be friend here and get things knowing better

Hi my name is Marie I'm from Ireland

hey Marie, My name is nelson and hope I can be a friend to you here

Hi sir

I am Chandrashekar from INDIA xxx

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thank you,I am Nelson from Liberia, hope we can be friend here


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