New members of the Cyprus forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Cyprus forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Cyprus if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi All. My name is Debbie I will be moving to Cyprus next month after I officially retire. I have bought a bungalow in Polemi which is in the Paphos District...up in them there 'ills!  I'm single and only know a handful of people here. Hoping that will change via forums such as this.

welcome to the forum  and eventually Cyprus


My name is Craig, I am actually currently considering moving to cyprus long term. I currently live in Ireland with my wife and young son. I was hoping to chat with people currently in Cyprus about this big decision. Feel free to send me a message, any help appreciated.


Just ask away Craig  - we need more questions lol

Hi Toon,

I have made a post called moving to Cyprus, I'll use this as my information section.


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Hi Guys,
I've just joined up with, I've been living in Cyprus for 15 years now, its a magic place to live, work and play. I'm now living in Kyrenia, in the North of the Island, been here for years, after 5 years in Limassol. Thus, have friends all over the Island.

When are you moving to Cyprus?

Hi Guys, just moved to cyprus with my family.
New in town and open to clubs of: salsa, biking, running, cuisine, entrepreneurs, reading.

Nowdays living in Nicosia. Getting to know the area.

My linkedin:
My twitter: xxx
My book (spanish):
My Consultancy page: xxx
My app project (personal todo management):

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Hi Jesus
Welcome to Cyprus, hope you enjoy living in Nicosia. Bike club, mountain biking in Kyrenia is good and a group of bikers are planning a cycle ride round the whole of Cyprus during September, if you are interested in doing this, contact me.

Hi, thank you very much for the invite! Will have it in mind. I am about to choose my local bike.


Hi all, i just joined few minutes ago. i have a plan moving to Limassol since i get opportunity to work here. But it still a plan because i do not know am i got interviewed or not.

Hey guys -
I've been living on the island for 8 years. My husband is a local; I'm American. I travel to/from the US and Cyprus with our two children a lot. I love the lifestyle in the Mediterranean, and know you guys will love living here as well. Weather, food, people - all fabulous. Plus, as someone who's married to a local, I get all the insider dish on real life here (not just the expat one). So, feel free to shoot me any questions.

Hi! Thank you for contacting. How often do you travel to the states. Lovely to be in touch with home lol

i live in limassol but playing to move to Switzerland now

Hello, I am a Canadian of Lebanese origin.  My husband and I are looking to plan our retirement in Cyprus. He holds both a Canadian and an Irish passport.  We selected Cyprus because of its lovely climate, openness to foreign retirees and proximity to Lebanon where my family lives.  I've only visited Cyprus once and my husband has never been.  We plan to start spending a few weeks a year starting in 2017, to get familiar with the country and culture.  Our retirement is for 4 years from now.  My husband is already retired and is waiting for me to do so :).  Any insights on how or where to start to begin our research would be greatly appreciated. 
We live in Toronto which is beautiful.  We are however tired of the Canadian winters.

Hey guys!
I'm an American-Cypriot and have been living on the island for 6 years now. Although I'm  a native, I can't seem to shake my American ways which can at times make me feel like I don't quite ''fit in'' with  my fellow Cypriots!
My husband is practically a local having lived here for 17 years although he is from Georgia. We have two children together and are now in the process of trying to decide whether or not we will permanently reside in Cyprus or have a new start in the US.
I'm trying to get to know the island better and which city would be best for my children to be brought up in. I will be as happy so long as my family is!  We are living in Paphos and considering Limassol.
Best of luck to anyone considering Cyprus and of course, don't hesitate to shoot me a message!

Hey guys!

I'm an Indian Student here pursuing my master in Neuroscience at Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics. I am staying in Nicosia. I came here around 1 and half month back.
I am a Computer Science graduate and worked for 3 years with Philips and Danaher corporation.Its nice to be here and I also appreciate the wonderful island of Cyprus.
I like to travel,hiking and looking for people who would like to join me. . .If you also planning to visit places please drop me a message.


Greetings to all and thanks in advance for any help we can get. My wife and I celebrated our retirement with a 4 month tour of Europe with the intention of applying for a long stay visa to experience living in Malta for a year before committing to residency. On our way, we spent 2 weeks in Limassol and were enchanted with Cyprus and the lifestyle it seems to offer. We are both Australian citizens (I also retain my New Zealand citizenship) and have a small retirement pension, so will not require any financial support from the government and own our own home in Australia which we will sell to fund the purchase of a home in Cyprus in the future. However, we still want to experience living in Cyprus for a year rather than being a tourist. I have not seen any reference to an extended visa for retired, non EU nationals. How can we legally stay in Cyprus (we both would like to stay in the Pafos area) for more than the 90 day Schengen limit?

I dont have any experience of the visa requirements other than to read the pages here … forms.html

However i do have 6 yrs experience of living permanently in Malta and my advice by all means try it you may like  it.. But my personal opinion for what its worth is Cyprus is far better and by a long long way

Hi all, just registered on the site.....moved to Cyrpus about 3 months ago after spending the last 10 years+ in Latin America (mainly Brazil).  Looking to make friends, see what the island has to offer, and generally make the most of living here!

Am a single guy, very outdoors / sporty person - so if anyone has any tips or cool invitations for me then many thanks!! :)

My name is Lisa & I live in Tala, Paphos.

My husband is serving in the RAF & I am ex RAF. We loved our posting to RAF Akrotiri that much that we decided to buy a house & move here permanantly.

Our kids go to local school in Tala, where they have settled in very well & picking up the local language very quickly :-)

We have recently just bought Riley's fish n chip restaurant on Tomb of the Kings, Paphos & officially opened for business on 1st Sep.... so far, so good :-)

I look forward to meeting new people, making friends & enjoying life in this beautiful country :-)

Lisa x

Hi all,

just signed up to, i am a British born Cypriot and have been on the Island for around 14 years now, i was in nicosia for 4 years and am now living in Limassol. i would be more than happy to answer any questions.

I thought id also take advantage of this opportunity to promote myself as i am currently working at an estate agency in Limassol (Fox smart estate agency-molos office), so if you would like any information regarding housing in cyprus please don't be shy to ask.


Dear Maam/ Sir :

I am very interested in applying for any job vacancy  in your company.

My name is Irish Jane Go Balamad, a Filipina  and  I am currently working in Qatar as a Receptionist / Customer service   in a Sports Club Recreation Accommodation in The Cuban Hospital since July 2013 up to now , I am finishing my contract soon. I also have a background working  experience in accounting, caregiving and also in hospitality. I am willing to go cross country  and joined your company as soon as possible or go back to Philippines as soon as possible .I am also interested  to work and share my knowledge and skills. I am confident in my ability. I am friendly and I love to work with people and help them. I can work under pressure.

Moreover, I am trustworthy and responsible person who take great pleasure in all kinds of  tasks. Besides, I am dedicated to work hard and always accept challenges to produce winning outcomes. Over and above, I am an active team player who is able to work effectively with managers and co-workers.

As an passionate and reliable,  I can be reached at *** .I am willing to be interviewed over skype. Attached is my cv and my certificates and trainings for your perusal.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Hello Irishjaneb,

Welcom to,

Could you please post your ad under the Jobs in Cyprus section.

Thank you


Hi Lisa,

We're moving to Cyprus this summer, and while we haven't decided on the exact spot to settle yet, we liked Tala a lot, especially the views the higher you go up the hill. What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of living in Tala?

You also mentioned your children went to the local school over there. We have a three-year old daughter, and we'd like her to attend school in Greek, but since we've read so many bad things about public schools, we're still wondering what to do. How are yours doing?

All the best,

Chrys and Aris

Hi all,

have just live in larnaca for 1 month,and will still for another 2 years ahead. life so quiet here. love it.

Hi Debbie

My husband and I are moving to Pathos in June.  My husband is retiring, I am 60 and have been ill for past few years, although better now.

We too would like to meet up with newbies, we already know a couple that moved there over a year ago and they have been helpful.

I  have avoided but too much personal imfo on this site as yet as I am unsure of technology and its safety.

Hope we keep in touch, would give you my private email to co respond,  but I think this is a public forum.

Anyway hun , good luck with your move.


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