I'd like to get an indoor dog in HCMC

Hello. I was looking for a breeder but found this article … -breeders/

I can't yet find the reliable Info about which breeder is fine. Any recommended one?

I'm going to get American Cocker Spaniel or Miniature Schnauzer. But I don't decide yet. I'd like to see some at first and decide.

Or if you have a puppy of an indoor dog, could you contact me?  I live together with my wife and she can take care while I work. I had lived with dogs over 10 years in Japan. Only indoor dog, please. We live in a condominium and can't live with a large-sized dog.

Get a Beagle. Beagles are conveniently-sized, handsome and easy-to-groom, friendly with people, peaceful with other pets, and with their appealing soulful expression, it's perfectly natural that many people consider them as potentially wonderful pets.

My opinion: you are right to seek references first. If you see a dog you like in the park, because nice dog owners walk their dogs, ask the owner.

If you are unsure about which breed, I recommend googling "best small dog" or "dog selector" for sites that will point out breed differences. (I guess you don't mind that cockers need a lot of brushing, schnauzers are terriers which tend to be territorial, snappy, barky. A beagle has a hound odor, is an active hunter so it prefers to be outdoors, and it bays: . All these shed hair.)

If you don't speak Vietnamese, you could hire a bilingual personal assistant in the "Jobs" section for a few hours to locate dog breeding associations and breeder referrals. They can even visit with you and interpret.

You can google yourself, for instance "chó thuần chủng cocker"? (purebred dogs, cocker) That returns links like this, but again, you don't know if this is a reputable breeder or a puppy mill:

And don't be cheap and select based on price. A $500 dog that lives 15 years amortizes to $3 / month. Dog food costs more than the dog!

Appreciate it! It's helpful Info for me. It's good idea to ask an owner in a park.  I will try.

I know how to breed but will refer to the shared video. Also, I try google with "chó thuần chủng 〜".

Thank you very much!

Thank you for the opinion. Beagle is also good :)

Chihuahua's make nice house dogs and do not shed. They are faithful and territorial; however, they are not very good around children.

I had a Beagle for 16 years, we went in Vietnam with him, when we returned France he died months later. Because of his greed had emptied the bag of dog food. More than 3 kg of food were fatal. But it was a great dog to keep in the house, faithful and kind to my child and so patient. If well maintained a Beagle arrives to 18 years even more.


Luna (Fila Brasileiro)

You can find some good opinions here: Breed Review but remember that the direct experience sometime is much more better than thousand books!

if you want a Chihuahua. there is a breeder in D3.


you should try adopting though. animal shelters are constantly full.

Thank you for the comment. Yes, actually I'm considering to adopt, not buy. From  shelter or something like

Dont get a Chihuahua, nasty little rats. Make sure you get a short haired dog easy to look after and wont overheat in this climate. There is a dog rescue centre in D2 I think, maybe a good place to start.

I will help you

You don't need to get yourself  a Pacific breed of dog.  I have two two dogs both are mongrels . I was given one and fell in love with the other when looking in a pet shop.  Both are terrific dogs .

I highly reccomned you contact ARC ( Animal Rescue Centre) Sawano is the Japanese lady who runs it. She currently has many dogs ready to foster or adopt. You could try fostering first to see if you like a particular dog. If it doesn't work out then you can foster a different dog. I think you will fin d a good healthy, immunised, neutered pet from them. You can fond them on FB.

In Vietnam dogs will tend to get alot of ticks, fleas, and diseases because dogs in Vietnam rarely get shots. I hear many cases of rabies.

Just take any dog to one of the 2 properly qualified vets in Thao Dien, D2. Both Dr. Nghia's clinic & the brand new International Animal Hospital do safe & quick neutering procedures. They also bathe, clean & protect against ticks & fleas & vaccinate against rabies & other diseases. If you rescue a dog in poor condition & take it there they will often treat if for free if they can't find the original owners.

What's the address of the international pet hospital?

Previous post suggest Dr. Nghĩa is no good.

Dr. Nghia is pretty good. He hires many young local vets & trains them as best he can. He does many hundreds of neuter operations successfully & gives also correct vaccinations. The new pet hospital is in the same street as Snap Cafe & The Antique Villa Tea Room. it's just off Thao Dien St itself near Agnes Cafe & Buddha Bar.

I found that flea collars work really well instead of  taking  the dogs to the vet every month for a flea jab, buy them a new flea collar every 3 months, so long as they don't get wet they work better than any jabs .

Except n Vietnam, due to lax laws, you have to be really careful that you buy a proper collar as there are cheap ones available that can cause harm or even kill your dog.

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Thank you for the helpful Info! I didn't know Japanese staff has worked there. I will contact her. Thanks!

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I know a breeder if anyone is looking for a dog.. mainly chiuahua the little dogs

Do you wanna get my dog? She is active, a ball of energy and very very friendly

I would like to give you, she is NOT for sales.
Contact me if you still interested Gabs

Hi Gabs-elle,

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Have you found a breeder of miniature schnauzers?
I would also be interested one.
I have friends in California who breed French Bulldogs if you are interested.
They are expensive but beautiful pets.

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