How to export animals from Vietnam to Europe step-by-step.

In June 2011 We exported my 2 dogs to Germany.

IMPORTANT: Give yourself at least 6-8 MONTHS to organise everything.

Why? The Vietnam authorities will expect a rabies serology test that has been completed, NO LESS than 4 months, before your pet leaves the country.

Good Vet: "DR. Nghia" - He speaks good English and can help with much of the whole export process.

Contact a vet: link==>
Address: 33 - Đường 41, Phường Thảo Điền, Quận 2, TP HCM
Email: saigonpetclinic[at]
Mobile: 08 35194182


1) At least SIX months before leaving: get you animals rabies-antibody level tested.

2) If necessary get a booster vaccination.

3) Wait at least 30 days. (You cannot do step 4 until you have waited 30 days)

4) Five months before leaving: Get a vet to take a blood sample for rabies testing.

5a) Pay for your sample to be sent abroad for testing. (this can be very expensive)

5b) Ask someone who is travelling to a country with an APPROVED LABORATORY to carry the sample in their under-carriage luggage.

APPROVED LABORATORIES:link==> approved labs

I used biobest in Scotland link==>

I got my mother to carry my samples in her under-carriage luggage. Then post it to the lab from the UK.

The sample was taken the same day as her outbound flight.

The sample was packaged in polystyrene...provided by the vet.

The sample was kept in the fridge till the last minute.


and put a value on it of £ you do not have to pay  duty on it.

Ask the laboratory and they provide all the import papers for the blood sample.

The sample must meet arrive at the test lab within 7 days.

The lab test report must be sent to you, to show to customs.


Check how long this will take with your vet, just in case they need to order them in.


Filled in 5-6 days before leaving You can get the relevant health certificate at the bottom of this website: link==>health certificates

Just select the country you are going to:


5-6 days before leaving.

Dr Nghia can help with this.
He will fill in the health certificate – best that you type your details in for as much of the document as possible.

You can contact Dr. Nghia to arrange for one of his staff to go with you to a quarantine office:

Tram kiem dich dong vat Tan son Nhat  ( Tan Son Nhat Animal Quarantine)
521/ 1 Hoang Van Thu St,
Tan Binh dist,
Tel: 38111 882
Open:    Mon-Fri: 7.30-4.30    Sat 7.30-11.30

You should take:

Your passport + 2 photocopies
The animals travelling
The health books of he animals + 2 photocopies
The health certificate will be completed there. Take a spare just in case.
Copies of the rabies check.


Check airline policy.

Aifrance – needed to know they had been checked for rabies(serology test).

Cost was a set charge $200 dollars for dogs in cargo regardless of size …travelling with the passenger.

Bring all documents to check in. They will process the dogs there.

Be aware with Airfrance…animals in transit will come off at Charles de Gualle, and YOU will have to check them in again for your onward flight.

Hope this helps.

any questions please email me: scozzeserob[at]



Thanks so much for this useful thread.

I took my pet from Vietnam to England by France.
Hope my information will be of help to other people.

1) Health certificates - as outlined above - paid Dr Nghia USD300 or so for the titer test (rabies). Keep the microchip receipt!! Makes things easier.

The export permit was done myself based on advice on the forum:

aubrey zaragoza :


HI!  good news!  I have just found out some solutions to your misery, I hope I'm not too late,  regarding the requirements needed for you to travel with your pet back to US.  Forget the Vet. who will ask so much.  I met the Vice Director of  the Regional Animal Health (Department of Animal Health HCM. A very very nice lady, very humble and she is the answer to all our misery she is a very big help her name is Ms. Phuong.   

First:  You need to be sure you have all the required vaccination for your pet, especially the anti-rabies vaccine. (this cost 50,000 vnd from my vet. unlike those other vets who will charge you 10x or more) but just in case you can call this no. 08 385 36132 for District 2,  it is a Sub Department of Animal Health HCM, you can ask for their address.

And take note. usually Vets. and other opportunistic people will charge you from 500,000 vnd to a million or more per pet,  for the Animal Health Certificate from the Department of
Animal Health of Vietnam,  but the truth is i got mine for my two dogs for 79,000 vnd !!!  yes! less than a 100,000 vnd.  with an official receipt from the department itself.  so if you have questions, this people in the Regional Animal Health Office No. 6.

I cannot express how grateful i am to those people, and of all the people to trust who else is more reliable, but those working in the Department of Animal Health themselves, because they are the one responsible for all these stuff.

Here is the no. to call 0839483045  look for Ms Phuong (please be courteous or respectful when talking to her, remember that we are the one asking for questions and favors. manners pls)

The Regional Animal Health Office address is 521/1 Hoang Van Thu St.,  ward 4 Tan Binh District HCM.  this is the link my apology having difficulty writing Vietnamese. lol!

Hope this help you as it help me a lot.

For my its 3514 7599  by the way she is the most discriminated Vet. known in the forum but it is so unfair on her part, because she is not a monster as others describe her, I never seen her tied my dogs for check-up or vaccination procedure. she maybe strict looking or serious but she is a fine vet.(Dr. Kim Chi) although i would suggest that if you need the health certificate go directly to the Animal Health Office ok coz she charge me 500,000 per dog :P

Guide to filling in the export permit: … 1464473817

2) Airline of choice - AirFrance - pet in cabin, yes USD200 for the cat

3) Pet carrier - I think any secure carrier will do, but I ordered a soft carrier from Amazon

4) From France to England (Paris - Lille - Calais - Dover) - very easy although tiring. No one asked to check cat's documents at CDG airport, even when I told thm I had a cat with me. Took the train from Paris to Lille... Spent one night at a hotel in Lille (most hotels are pet friendly). Then continued the train journey to Calais. After that we used P&O Ferries.

5) P& O Ferries - Calais to Dover. As of Jan 2016 - foot passengers aren't allowed on with their pets. So we had my in laws come over to Calais and pick us up, and we prebooked the pet ticket on the website. It was fairly straightforward. We left the cat in the car during the journey.

6) Pet passport : Refer to this: … ooks-like/

NOTE: Strongly advised to do the Pet Passport in Calais through the recommended vets on the PO Ferries website. We did ours during a stopover in Lille and the vet wrote some wrong information. This caused the petpassport to be refused and we couldn't possibly return to Lille, so we had to go to the recommended vet and had it done in 15 minutes. We paid again, of course :(

The vet had mistakenly wrote the date of Microchip inspection as the current date. Make sure the microchip inspection is the date when you had it implanted (hence why you need to keep the receipt). The date must be before the vaccinations and titer test.

Last of all, Dr Nghia is a good vet but he repeatedly tried to scare me out of doing this myself with many horror stories. You must study the process carefully but hopefully forum posts like this makes the process a lot easier. If you transport your pet to England by manifested cargo, it might not arrive the same date as you and I was not comfortable leaving my pet in other people's hands. My method costs a bit less, took up a lot of energy but most importantly my pet was with me the whole time and that was what mattered to me most.

Thank you. This is good. Thank you for sharring.

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