Need a driver in Al-ain

Hello every one,
I am a physician, got a job offer from Twam Hospital, I have 4 children and was wondering if there are options to hire a full time driver that can drive me and kids to work and school. If you know, kindly also mention what kind of salary is reasonable for this kind of job.

Many thanks

I don't know how much this can go for. But i know of someone who can do this pretty well. I'll pm you.

Hello drmalik

An advert in the Personal driver job opportunities in Al Ain section of the site may help spread the word on your search of a full time driver.

Wish you all the best


2200 aed to 2500 + benefits i can arrange driver for you if needed

OK, I will be in touch, once my start date is finalized. You can send me your contact info for future

The salary of full time driver is 2000. If you I can ask a friend to contact you

I mean if you want me to ask for you

I will certainly contact you. Waiting for the paper work to finish. Soon will find out about my start date.  Likely it will be some time in July, august.  Salam


Sir.. I can arrange  for  a driver

Hi there what about a lady driver if you have not found one do let me know . Thank you

Hi drmalik,

I know a trustworthy Filipina who already drives some kids to school. I am a teacher here, and I know her and her partner very well and am comfortable recommending her. If you are interested in more information, I will be happy to give you her business card information.


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