Moving to Liege...

I have to move to Liege in a few weeks for work. I speak no French at all which is making me nervous about moving. Would love the low down on Liege, is it easy to meet people and make friends who speak English.
Would also really appreciate recommendations on where to live in Liege that is a more international locality.
Thanks a million!

Hi VinPalat,

Do not be scared, Liège is a civilized city ... You will also find there people speaking English. I am sure as it is my favorite region

But why not take the opportunity to learn another language. French is spoken officially in 50 countries worldwide ...

Hi Vin,

Hope this message may reach you, though this post is a year old.

What are you comments about moving to liege, being a non-french speaking person.

I am able to communicate with my mobile/internet service provider/utilities/insurance company/doctors/city hall officials in English while I stay in Brussels.

Thanks in advance !


Also, I am willing to learn french, but it takes time. during this process, I cannot afford to disrupt my family peace.

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