I need clothing suggestions for visiting Belgium during Nov-Dec!

Hello greetings to everyone.

I'm from Puerto Rico and planning to visit Belgium-Netherlands for 4-7 weeks during November-December. I have never been in cold weather, as in Puerto Rico the weather is tropical all year long. The coldest weather I have experienced is about 65F. So I would love suggestions on key clothing and shoe pieces you would recommend so this Caribbean girl can endure the rainy cold weather there. 

Also looking forward to hear from other Boricuas and Latinos living on this countries. Would love to know how has been your experience and any suggestions you might have that could help my stay there.

Thanks in advance for your time and help. Hope you have a great day/night.

Waterproof-windproof jacket, gloves, waterproof shoes and you ll be fine!

Hola chica!

I'm from Mexico and live now in Belgium for 10 months already.
Responding to your question,
I recommend that you bring warm clothing since it tends to be very cold during those months. A jacket, a coat, scarfs, some warm leggings for under your pants and very important to bring shoes that repel the water, not the cotton type since it rains so much and if you are wearing the wrong shoes you'll end up with soaked socks and shoes.

It is not to common to wear stiletos or 6 inch heels since the streets in most cities are made with rocks. If you bring the pointy heels that might get stuck in between the rocks (true story).

Instead, I recommend to Bring some cute comfy shows for walking :)
Most people here use leather boots during winter.
If you cannot find winter clothing in Puerto Rico you can always shop here. Bershka, Springfield,  Zara to name a few :)
Good luck!

Let me know if you have more questions!

In the past few years the weather has not been so cold in November / Dec. However I recommend you bring a rain coat or a long padded coat and scarf and a sturdy umbrella. You can always buy warm gloves, a woolly hat and any other clothes here if necessary.

And maybe moonboots in case of snow :p


I'm from the UK and I live in Brussels. Like London, you can expect that it will certainly rain in Brussels during November & December so definitely bring an umbrella or a waterproof jacket. I'd also suggest gloves & hat - I always find my fingers are freeeeeeezing. Be sure to check out the Christmas markets in Brussels during December. **

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions about Brussels!!


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Thank you all very much for your suggestions, I am really looking forward to this experience and the possibilities.

I Will suggest the same thing:Warm clothes and umbrella.It's almost three years that I live in Belgium and I have always an umbrella in my bag.
For people who comes from countries with warm weather it's not gone be easy,but you get use to it.

Greeting from Arta


As others have stated, in the past few years, Nov/Dec have not been very cold. The temperature has been 40-50 degrees. You will most certainly need a coat, scarf, gloves and umbrella. Belgium is a lovely country. If you need advice on what to see or do here, don't hesitate to ask.  Yo soy Boriqua, tambien. Mis padres nacieron en Rincon, Puerto Rico.
Saludos y Bienvenida!

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