Looking for friends n family friends in offenbach am main/ frankfurt

It's been 2 months I am here in Germany with my husband. Living in offenbach. I can speak only moderate level of German language.I have no friends. Staying all day home makes me bore. I am looking for urdu speaking or English speaking friends or family friends.

Hi. I aman aupair in leutenbach. I speak fluent english and im american. The youngest i watch is 4 do you have any kids. They can play together

No I don't have a ny kids ..

Hi, I am also looking for Urdu/ Punjabi speaking people in Germany. I am here for over two years, speak Good (not perfect) German and English Urdu Punjabi. I am looking for friends to speak with, in better known languages time to time

That's cool .. tell me more about yourself in personal message. N also ur number .

hey anza how are you?

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