Volunteering in Saudi Arabia


While living abroad, some expats wish to get involved in the local community life.

What organizations expats can turn to if they want to volunteer in Saudi Arabia?

How to join a charitable institution, what are the steps?

Which causes have the greatest need for volunteers in Saudi Arabia?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and advice,


Following... wants to get involved too :)

I would love to be involved

hi there...
the best place to do volunteerism is at the mosque ( for the Moslem) especially now is about Haj time otherwise you
can group on and collect the rubbish at the beaches

Great idea 💡

Save tomorrow

I heard that the Qatar based NGO Reach Out To Asia (under the umbrella organization Qatar Foundation) is conducting some programmes here in KSA and they need Volunteers, but I dont have much details. I was a volunteer for ROTA when I was in Qatar.

I am Ready to involed any time. But not find a good Orginasation....

will love to join you :) ....

Hi brethren,
Why dont we start from our end involving volunteerism. We will help each other and come up any activity that entails with helping the community especially the Haj/ Eid is approaching. I soo much love to to talk this further and meet, discuss about this project..

hello palautog.... my way of volunteering is im donating blood...

Collecting garbage is a good idea
Anyone in riyadh?

I think spreading the knowledge. So like the IT experts, project mangers can offer their knowledge.

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Since arriving in Saudi 2 years ago I have joined the PAWS EP Team, it is a local, very worthwhile animal charity. They work with all animals but mainly the feral cat population in the Eastern Province ( there are other groups in other areas) We have a very successful TNR Program (Trap, Neuter and Return) We also hold bake sales, yard sales and on occasion events to pay for our Vet Bills. Should you require an further information please ask or visit the web page. Have a great day.

Hi All , in Jeddah i joined open paws jeddah , a dogs shelter run by a community of expats and locals , basically you can volunteer by helping in the kennel , or by donating food for the dogs, for more info you can check the fb page : open paws jeddah :-)

Hi what type of activities are out thete?

I live in khobar

I am in guys

Amazing subject ! KSA is enough rich country were it should be volunteer No. 1, for there community but inspite the fact that the private sector ( large companies) are playing to be the major volunteer here instead of the government. This is the fact. I strongly suggest to change the headline to become " Volunteering to help expats in KSA". many expats needs help for the following reasons:
1. Some of them do not have money for chronic diseases treatment. As an insurance expert i see cases every day
2. Others do not have money to pay for lawyer expenses when a labor dispute issue arise
3. And some are unemployed for a while and needs help
4. Finally single women expats are struggling when they get sick or when they need a transportation for shopping or to discover the area or to search to rent a new apartment or to repair a house machine ........etc
Thank you

Am in

am an engineer and have good experience in disaster management. while working for Government, in India i worked for flood management in odd times.I am a mechanical engineer and have good pertinence in civil and electrical  engineering also.
i worked in Saudi Arabia  for some time, and like render my services again as volunteer. i have some basic knowledge of Arabic language
you can contact me on

Interested too...

i'm interested,, i live in Dhahran

Alhamdullillah 😊
It will be a pleasure to surve others.
I like social work. If I get a chance I will be thankful.
JazakaAllahu khair

Alhamdullillah 😊
It will be a pleasure to surve others.
I like social work. If I get a chance I will be thankful.
JazakaAllahu khair

Now Iam in India.

Let me know how i can contribute in Jeddah.

Thank you for raising such subject
I am not aware of charity organisations in ksa
But I have seen many young women btwn 20 to 30 years with babies  begging on road side.
I am told they come from neighbour countries with no legal papers
They would  benefit from basic income generation skills via support group and be assisted to relocate back to  home counties
Yes we can.  From riyadh al Qassim Rd.

Eliud Walutsachi

I am in dammam
How I help them

i am based in Riyadh and shall be interested to give services as volunteers/social worker

its a real great idea to start something new and doing something for needy expats i am in jeddah if you guys got any workable ideas lets plan something and just do it

we want to get involved in such type of activity and have interest but did not see any organization for contact.

we can start doing something by our own selves lets just find few like minded ppl and get started

hello there!
It's a wonderful idea and if there's anything open in Jeddah, count me in! InshaAllah i wish to help however I can.

I know some one who is running a social service organization for expats here in Jeddah. If any one willing to join then i can provide you with details.

Kaby :

I know some one who is running a social service organization for expats here in Jeddah. If any one willing to join then i can provide you with details.

Yes please provide details....

Hi i would love to get involved. What sort of things are there to do as a volunteer?  Im not there as yet though and will have to confirm my location in Riyadh, so anything local to me initially would be great. Il wait to hear from you soon thanks Ni.

Hey could you kindly give me some more information about this opportunity in Jeddah. Thanks

Helo Everyone,

Assalam alaikum.

I am looking for Job for my brother as a ***HAJ KHADIM / VOLUNTEER*** in Makkah / Madina, He would like to greatly honour by working as a volunteer / helper during haj period only, if any one have information for the procedure to apply this job,  my brother is in India and he wants to travel to saudi arabia from india for haj period only to serve haj pilgrim

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