Cost of living in Ethiopia

Hi everybody,

It would be very useful to talk about the cost of living in Ethiopia.

Don't forget to mention where in Ethiopia you are living.

How much does it cost to live in Ethiopia?

> accommodation prices

> public transportation fares (tube, bus etc ...)

> food prices(per month, how much does it cost you?)

> health prices (for those who need medical insurance)

> eduction prices (if you need to pay)

> energy prices (oil, electricity)

> common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone)

> prices of a good menu in a traditional restaurant

> prices of a beer and or a coffee in a regular pub

> price of the cinema

Do not hesitate to add items to this list!

Thanks in advance for your participation!!

Hi everyone,

Here is a short list of some everyday expenses:

coffee with milk  5 birr
tea     3 birr
taxi (bus) ride .75 - 1.40 birr
contract taxi ride of equivalent distance   25-40 birr
meals 30 - 60 birr in a decent restaurant
gov't tax on television sets 50 birr per year
Movie ticket price 30 birr
internet charges at an internet cafe .25 birr per minute or 12 birr per hour

Just want to update this infor for 2009

Accomodation: price depends on whether you live in Addis or outside. In Addis the prices are extremely high and depend on whether the landlords knows the budget granted by foreign organizations to their staff.

For example, in places closed by international schools, a 4 bedroom house can costs easily 2000 USD per months...can get up to 3500 USD and even more in the best locations (Old airport closed by the international school).

For cheaper accomodation, one has to think about moving outside town or knowing some locals who could help in identifying empty house whose landlords are not tuned to the expat community.

Petrol and Diesel tend to cost half a dollar per litre.

Transportation: expats will pay much more than locals might they have to take a taxi.

Foodstuff: imported food including fresh food is relatively cheap in comparison with surrounding countries.

Hotel rooms in international chain are expensive (Sheraton 290 USD per night, Hilton in the late 100)Local hotels are cheaper.

Hope this helps


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