nice and safe area of Cancun for $1,000 USD a month

Can I have a nice life in a safe area of Cancun for $1,000 USD a month?

Certainly Fred, with todays exvhange rate 1000 USD would be around $15000 MXN. That is above average for Mexicans, so yeah that would be enough for an ok to good living in Cancun, It all depends on what exactly you want to do in Cancun.

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Also look on airbnb. I've found great places on there cheap.

Only on a 180 Tourist permit because you still need an income of 12-1300 US each month for a Resident Visa

Check with a Mexican Consulate if you want a Visa

Heck yes!  You may not get a beach front property, but you can definitely find something that you will love. Much of Cancun is quite safe, do your homework, and let us know when you get here! We're always looking to connect with fellow ex-pats.

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