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Hi, I'm thinking to go for 2-3 month in Cancun. I'm wondering if somebody knows about a possibility to rent a long period renting apartment for just 2-3 month offering some extra price (20-30%). Does somebody did this kind of thing? Thanks.

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Also I suggest you to check out our Flats for rent in Cancun section and place an advert over there to know the market price of rentals for the duration you are seeking.


I rent a room in Playa del Carmen down town, my condo is a nice penthouse 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all furnished, I have my own roofgarden with hot tube, solarium, swimming pool, building if located 3 blocks from the ocean and 2 from the famous 5th ave.

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Could you please place an advert in our Housing in Cancun section so as to better spread the word?

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Hello, I live in Montreal and travel to Cancun for the winter months. I own a one bedroom house downtown and are looking for a reliable person to rent it out.  For more info you can write to leticiarubello[at]
I will be going back end of april. How long do you plan to be in Cancun. regards Leticia

Check - My friend uses the WEB-site for many years. It works.

Do you still a bedroom to rent?

Lisasima :

Do you still a bedroom to rent?

This thread is over 2 years old now. Try checking for accommodation in the housing section at the top of this page.


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