Exchanging a Saudi Driving License to Omani Driving License

Hi there,

I am about to move from KSA to Muscat, the usual question:)  Is it a smooth transfer process like it is mentioned on oman.om or ROP's website or there is a catch? I have a valid unrestricted driving license since 2012  until 2021. Do I need to bring anything special from traffic Police/ MOI etc in Riyadh or an original license is enough.

Many Thanks


Some people are talking about getting NOC from Saudi traffic police and some are asking to attest the copy of Saudi license from MOFA. It is better to get it clarified by your sponsor from Oman - ROP.

Thanks dear, I will keep this in mind

I have Valid Oman Driving License can I came Saudi.Can I drive Car through Oman License.

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