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I'm a Badminton lover who just spent 6 years in China - I moved to Al Ain this week. Are there any players or any places to play in Al Ain? Please help.

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Hey welcome to and UAE, Kiepke! :)
Maybe you could post an ad in Al Ain Classifieds -> Sport Partners?
Hope this helps

Not sure about Al Ain but there are a few players who play in Dubai and Abu Dhabi...!/group.php?gid=124988123986&v=info&ref=ts is the site for Dubai... for Abu Dhabi you can check the badminton central site .. well also for Dubai

thanks for the tip Rayman

Hey man! New in town here. I'd be up for badminton.. it's been a while since I played. Do you know of any place here in Al Ain with badminton courts? Talk to you soon, cheers.

Razz - I'm new in town too. So far I know of nowhere to play - and no one to play with - except this club that meets in Dubai every Friday.

Yeah, I have checked out all the major health clubs here in Al Ain but have yet to see any badminton courts :( Squash and tennis seem to be more popular here. I'm thinking of signing up for golf classes with one of the hotel health clubs.

hey guys,
have you checked out a place where we can play badminton?

I am also looking for a place to play and friends to play with..

interested? maybe we can plan a day? any place in mind?



why not let us create an badminton group here in al ain?

hello guys!

i love to play badminton too... because there is no place to play here in Al Ain, sometimes me and some of my friends go to Jahili Park and play it there, just to while away the time.

Hi Kiepke,

Try Tawam Hospital recreation office ... I know of a badminton team there, quite a large number of girls I work with get together and organize games and events .. good luck .. and welcome to AlAin :)

same here.. i am also new here in UAE ajman. I love Badminton and No information about court?

HI guys,

I heard there is a Badminton court in the Indian Social center, Sanaiya all can try...



Hy Guys

Kindly pick for too an fan of it.....nybody in Al ain

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Buddies, 'm in the process of forming a Badminton Club here in Al Ain if  you are interested just send me a msg through this blog..Add me to you contacts and we'll give you the details.. This will be fun!!! Hope to see you all..

Yeah there is.just try to search al ain badminton club in facebook. Venue is under negotiating

Soon there will be venue because we are processing and working on is a nice venue ok. Chek al ain badminton club in facebook

Try check al ain badminton club in facebook first

Spot on!!! it would be great to have a club for badminton. Dont know if they have a badminton court. I read somewhere about a court in Al Ain English Speaking School being used once, but dont know if it still is an option. Couldn't find more on that. Let us start exploring the options and keep each the forum posted.

Good luck.

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Hy Guys

Kindly pick for too an fan of it.....nybody in Al ain

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you can come to al ain english speaking school every friday morning. there's a club you can join.

are u still playing badminton po? can u suggest a good place? keep in touch...mail me.... ingat ikau

me too interested in playing badminton

sir i you still here in Al Ain, UAE?

I m Naeem Akbar, new in town.  I m interested in badmonton playing. Would you please let me join your club. My number is 0506488298

Hello guys,

you can check this badminton club page:

I wanna play badminton again:) just to shake off the stress from work.


You can join our club in Al Ain. We play every fridays from 7-9pm. You can check Jebel Smash badminton club in facebook for more details. :)

Thanks, is there a membership fee or any fees in particular?


I'm a badminton player and I wish to play here. Pls inform me if u found a badminton court

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Im interested in joining a badminton group

Am also looking for indoor court in alain...if you got results means please reply me...thank you

Hi kiepke I love playing badminton...I need of a badminton court for playing in Alain..can you help me in finding

Ji nadeem

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