Indoor Badminton Court in Al ain

Hey guys
I am looking for indoor badminton court here in Al ain specifically in  Al jimi
Is any one?
We used to play out door but searching for a better place

I love playing looking for indoor court in Alain..iam staying near tawam hospital...please reply me...thank you

You can check in Twam hospital recreational centre they have a court there
What your game level?

My game level almost good...only staffs can play there...any other

I can pay monthly any other option for me

Ok you have vehicle ?
You can join us here in jimi 1
We play outdoor

Actually I dont have have vehicle...Iam new to this there bus available from here to what time u all play..

Timings please

Is this very long from tawam hospital???

Its 15 km almost
By veicle its like 10 min but bus i dont know
Its better you check close to your area
Many people used to play outdoors
A freindly tip go to closet sport shop they can give you better info

Hi I am new to Alain. I play badminton regularly in Dubai. (Decent standards). Any place where I can join on weekends.


Hello Sir,

where do you play badminton in al ain?

please let me know, i want to play with you too..


Hi Tallal,
I'm also residing in Al Jimi. May I also join you. Where in Al Jimi do you play. I stay close to Universal Hospital.


hi brother i want to play badi... can i join with you please ........... i am at jimmi back side safa market near

I just moved to abu dhabi now
But you can join their guys al playing
Back side of Old police station go there after 10 pm

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